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New Daily Life

(recreation, sports, and shows)

Mariana Richardson

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of New Daily Life

By Mariana Richardson Modern Conveniences Canned Foods
Ready-made Clothes
Carpet Sweepers
Commercial Laundry
Department Stores Leisure Time Baseball
Stage Plays
Music Halls
Amusement Parks
Bicycling Middle Class America A Few More Changes The Age of Industry brought with it new opportunities! By the 19th century, middle class Americans possessed what upper class citizens had dreamed of in an earlier era. New Daily Life In An Age of Affluence Trolley Cars
Soda Fountains
Local Churches
General Stores
Subscription Magazines
Lower Postage Rates
Rural Free Delivery
Mail-Order Catalog Over All The American Dream became that much more desirable. Having a life full of enjoyment and happiness drew everyone to the American lifestyle. It was the idea of nearly every citizen and alien to become an average middle class American. Also... These new inventions and ideas not only drew people to America, but changed daily life forever. This era shaped America's culture to be the hardworking, fun-loving country we enjoy today.
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