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Computer Viruses

A presentation about the dangers of computer viruses.

Spencer Noble

on 27 May 2014

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Transcript of Computer Viruses

Computer viruses are small software programs that are designed to spread from one computer to another and to interfere with computer operation.
What is a Computer Virus?
Why Are They Dangerous?
People can get a virus and not know they had it until it has spread through the entire computer.

Some viruses don’t do much more than try to mess things up or just be annoying. Others are written to do as much damage as possible.

The main job they have is to replicate as much
as possible

Hijackers can be very dangerous depending on what they hijack.
Corrupt data

Damage computer performance

Destroy files

Spread itself to other computers through yours

Erase everything on your hard disc
What Can it do to My Computer?
Browsing the Internet

Installing or updating a program

Opening e-mail attachments

Not running the latest updates

Pirating software, music, or movies

No anti virus spy ware scanner

Downloading infected software
How Do I Get Viruses?
Computer Viruses
1) What is a computer virus?

2) Why are they dangerous?

3) How do I get computer viruses?

4) How can I avoid computer viruses?

5) What Can It do to My Computer?

6) How Can I Remove Them?

7) Heartbleed Bug

8) Top Ten Computer Viruses

9) Conclusion
Install a quality anti-virus program

Perform virus scans regularly

Don't click on e-mail links or attachments

Browse with common sense
How Can I Avoid Computer Viruses?
By: Josiah Wallman
and Spencer Noble
In conclusion, there are many different viruses out

there but they are easily avoided if you think before

you click.
The Heartbleed Bug is a virus that has infected

many popular security websites. The virus allows

malicious hackers to see information that is

supposed to be secret between the customer and

the website.
Heartbleed Bug
Keep your anti virus program up to date.New viruses are being made all the time, and anti viruses are updated frequently.

Use an online scanner. Scanners will search your computer for the latest viruses. scanners won't protect you from getting a virus, but they can help find and remove viruses your computer already has.

Stop a runaway virus. If your computer is performing slowly and accessing the network more frequently than normal, you should disconnect from the Internet and network.

Manually remove viruses. Sometimes a virus must be removed manually. This is often a technical process and should only be attempted by computer users who have experience.
How Can I Remove Them?
Storm Virus

Heartbleed Bug

Nimda Virus

Melissa Virus

Code Red I and II Computer Viruses

Morris Computer Virus


Brain Computer Virus


Elk Cloner
Top Ten Computer Viruses
The End
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