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Radio Waves

No description

Lauren Riddle

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of Radio Waves

Radio Waves
Radio waves have the longest wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum.
Radio waves can range from sizes as small as a football to as big as our planet.
Discovering Radio Waves
Heinrich Hertz discovered radio waves in the late 1880's.
He made an experiment where waves were created by sparks off a coil transmitter. They were picked up by an antenna.
He proved that the radio waves had properties of electromagnetic waves.
Radio waves are used in radios, televisions and cell phones.
When you tune a radio you change the wavelength or frequency.
Dangerous or Not?
Radio waves travel at the speed of light. They travel through air, solid objects and empty space.
We absorb radio waves. They aren't particularly dangerous, but way too many at one time could be dangerous we would get hot.
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By: Lauren Acosta, Sofia Jacobs, and Ava Rauchen.
Pros and Cons
Radio waves are good because they make radios, TVs and cell phones work.
Radio waves can be bad because they cause skin to get warmer, but that is the only scientifically proven side effect.

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