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Fact and Opinion Prezi

For 7th Graders

Jamie LaCava

on 22 September 2013

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Transcript of Fact and Opinion Prezi

Fact and Opinion
Today, I can
- understand the differences
between facts and opinions
- read articles and identify
facts and opinions
Something that can be proven. Facts should be proven
"unbiasedly," which means without your personal opinion.
Statements that are based on your thoughts,
feelings, and personal experiences, but can
NOT be proven.
Sheldon's explanation would be...
Fact or Opinion
1. What was the reporter's tone?

2. Did the reporter state any of her
own personal opinions?

3. Did any opinions exist in the clip?
How did the reporter show them?
Facts in Text

1. What was the author's tone? Did it have anything in common with the reporter's tone from the video?
2. Does the author share his/her own opinions with the reader?
3. Are there any opinions? Is there a specific type of punctuation
that shows up around the opinions?
1. What opinion words from the video stood out to you?
2. How is this video different than the fact video?
Opinions in Text

1. Listening to the article, how can you tell that this is an opinion?
I hate to break it to you but...
Your opinions are NOT fact, despite the fact that you may want them to be.

Sometimes, we feel like our opinions are facts because we make them based on our own personal experiences, but that does not make it factual.

Let's Test Your Knowledge
Watch the following clips, and determine whether they are...
Are these tweets facts or opinions?
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