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Disney Princesses


Aaliyah O

on 22 September 2013

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Transcript of Disney Princesses

I Love You!
You Love Me!
Any Questions? Ask us please :D
Elaine MAN
Disney Princess Kisses
Princesses Info
Snow White:
She has short black hair and brown eyes and is currently the youngest Disney Princess at age 14 (in her film appearance).
She is somewhere between the ages 16 and 20. She is the first Disney Princess to have siblings, although they are her step-siblings and not actual siblings. Cinderella is not noble-born; she becomes a Princess by marriage to Prince Charming, the son of a King. She is often considered to be the leader of the Princesses, or at least their spokesperson, though it is unclear why.
: She has golden hair and violet eyes. She is the first Disney Princess to be physically injured by the villain, as she pricked her finger on Maleficent's enchanted spinning wheel. She is also well educated by her three godmothers.
She is the first Disney Princess to have not been born human and is also the first Disney princess to have children as she and Eric had a daughter, Melody in the sequel. Ariel has red hair and blue eyes. She is the second Disney Princess to be 16 years old (after Aurora) in her first film.
She is 18-19 and has brown hair and hazel eyes. She is most known for her relationship with Adam, who was not human.
Princesses Info (2)
She is noble-born; the firstborn daughter (and only child). She has black hair and brown eyes. When she marries Aladdin, a commoner, he gains the title Prince.
She is the first Disney Princess to have been based (loosely) a real person, and not on a fairytale. She has black hair, brown eyes.When she marries John Rolfe (a commoner) does not change her status or his.
Fa Mulan:
She is the first Disney princess to be based on a legend instead of a fairytale. She has black hair and brown eyes. Mulan is (to date) the only Disney Princess to not hold the title of Princess in one form or another. Her eventual marriage to General Li Shang (also non-noble) does not grant her any titles either.
She made history as the first African-American princess. She is the third to be married into the Princess life. She is probably the princess closest to our time period as her story is set in New Orleans in the 1920’s.
Like Aurora, she is blonde, born into the title and was removed from her parent’s custody as a baby, only to be reunited in her late teens. Her hair has magical properties.
Upcoming Film
It is an upcoming Disney Princess Film
Politician that look like Disney Characters
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