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Website portfolio

No description

Claire Adams

on 4 November 2012

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Transcript of Website portfolio

Claire Adams
Website Portfolio Websites researched Claire Adams
Website Portfolio My Website Layout * This site is clean, clear and enticing
* Easy navigation of menu bars
* Simple but direct
* Finacially not really expensive but does
not need it *The collections page is images stacked on top of
each other
*Images are clear
*When you click on an image it takes you through
to the shop *The shop page is clean, detailed
*I like the suggestions of other garments
I may like *Like the magnify square
*The top and bottom menu bars stay
the same
*Only negative I found was the white
became a bit clinical *like the sitemap, enables easy navigation
*Target market for this website is females aged 18 to 50
who want to keep up with fashion trends
*This site could also be used for buyers of the collections
as reference *The home page on this site is exciting and funky - it
helps to describe the brand
*Each of the pictures come alive either
through video or a link
*Really enjoyed navigating this website
*Financially an expensive and difficult
site to build.
*Target audience is male or female aged 16 to 45 *The collection page follows the trend from
the home page with a collage effect
*The images fade in and out
* I dont like the way the site is not visible without
scrolling up and down you loose the bottom menu bar * The collections' page is smooth and sleek
* I love the way the images fade in and out making it
easier for the user
* I like the menu bars to the left and the links on the right
to go to other collections * The shop page feels like you have gone to another
website - it even has a different website address
* With no faces and models in the same pose making it all
all about the clothes
* Clean and easy menu bars * The zoom on the shop is clear and consise
*Allows the user to see in great detail the garment
* The shop is different to the main site almost feels more
grown up. * Valentino keeps all the page visible unlike the Moschino
* It focuses on the garments and the menus are secondary
* The footer menu bar stays the same
* Easy to navigate professional site
* Appears to be less complicated to produce but still has
an expensive feel to it
* Target audience is a fashion savvy female aged between
18 and 40
* If you hover above the collections tab a new menu bar
appears *The collection page is different to what we have seen
it features the picture to the left with a zoom on the right
*Clear menu bars *The shop opens in a new window with a different web
* the shop is clean and clear and is a different style from
the main website
*Menu bars are easy to navigate *The shop pages are white with just the garment showing
*Different thumbnails to see the garment from different
angles and close up
*You can click on the garment to get some more
*Menu bars disappear but there is close button *I like this site map instead of listing the pages
it gives thumbnails *This is part of my research for our articles
*This is an online magazine for a fashion savvy
female aged 18 to 45
*The front page is enticing and makes you want to
enter the site
*The site is complex and detailed and would be an
expensive site to construct *The content page is like a collage
*Menu bars are easy to navigate *I have popped the home page of the Lacoste site in to show another example of the collage effect
*This is a well known brand which have spared no cost on their site *Home page simple with picture that fades
*Clear menu
*My collections page is more complex using the collage
*Same menu bar as home page *The collections page is similar to the Moschino one
*Main image fades so user does not have to sit there clicking to next one
*Thumbnails on the right to go to other collections
* icons to the left for social media etc
*The shop page has thumbnails for each category
Which will be on a slide bar left to right
*Will add a simple menu to the top
* Shop menu bar as the footer *The shop individual page has a clear image
*With three thumbnails as suggestions the viewer may like
*Same menu bars as shop home page *Time line is a bit different now as the dates have moved
on so the extra time I will spend on building the pages
*My Target market is the fashion savvy indivdual who keeps up with trends
*Also to wholesalers as a means of seeing collections
*I will be using Joomla software
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