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6th gr. Language Arts

No description

Alison Botti

on 27 September 2016

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Transcript of 6th gr. Language Arts

Reading Complex Text
As you read pages xxviii-xxix in Collections, fill out the chart below.
Close Reader
Read pg. vi-viii in your Close Reader book and pg. xxv-xxvii in Collections to find out how to become a "close reader."

Performance Tasks
Writing, listening, and speaking will all be a part of various performance tasks accomplished per story and per unit.
Group Discussions
Vocabulary will not only come with stories we are reading from the stories we read, but also . . .

Greek and Latin Roots
Multiple Meanings
Context Clues
Word Families
Synonyms and Antonyms
Specific Word Choice in Writing
Correct Part of Speech
Denotative vs. Connotative
Language and Style
Why does the author or why should I make certain choices to the way a piece is written?
-Grammar, spelling, sentence structure, etc.

Online Resources

Copy user name and password on your computer paper and agenda.

Use computers and test out your user name and password to practice navigating the resources.

What does our book look like?
6th gr. Language Arts
Collections Book

with Dr. Botti
What it is

What it is NOT
Complex Text
to read quickly
arrangement of words/phrases
in a sentence
pushing through
thickness/large amount
references relating to the past

Close Readers . . .
1. Build Background
2. Set a Purpose
3. Pay Attention to Vocabulary
4. Reread to Clarify and Summarize
5. Use Evidence to Support to
Questions and Inferences

smarter balance
Performance tasks will be announced during the Unit introductions and prior to reading a story. What you learn throughout the unit SHOULD be included in your performance task for maximum credit!
As a group, create a page to "The Most Important" book started, The most important thing about group discussions . . .
Your performance task: After these lessons, you will be asked to use what you learned to create a success plan for LA.
Your plan must include:
1 paragraph detailing your specific strengths/weaknesses in reading and writing.
2 reading goals (STAR and Smarter Balance).
A list of at least 3 strategies/plan for getting help.
1 paragraph detailing how you want to be remembered (cite 2 ideas from movies/text).
Take the WordSharp pre-test
Scavenger Hunt
keep tallies to indicate words you don't know
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