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Customizing Plone

This presentation is prepared for World Plone Day 2010 Taipei. It shows some tips how to deal with Plone customization, including CSS, theme, add-on package, backup, and using project management tools.

TsungWei Hu

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Customizing Plone

A Feature-rich CMS Solution,
and Website Building Blocks. Installed, then What's Next? Customizing Look and Feel Automatic Packing /etc/cron.weekly #!/bin/sh
/var/lib/plone/bin/zeopack \
-h -p 8080 -d 7 Playing with Out-of-the-Box Installation Add
Edit / Tag
Working Copy http://localhost:8080/Plone/@@manage-viewlets
http://localhost:8080/Plone/my-page/@@manage-viewlets http://plone.org/products Look into skins directory carer_theme_custom_images
Add Package Name in buildout.cfg
Make .cfg Effective : bin/buildout
Start Plone : bin/plonectl fg
Enable the installed theme with QuickInstall Example: beyondskins.ploneday.site2009 Content Type Customization Derived Built-in Types: Scrawl
Archetypes vs Dexterity Learning by Examples Through The Filesystem Eggs
Python Package Index
paster + ZopeSkel
Subversion and browser directory ... Theming Look into the portal_skins tool
Look for 'Default Skin Name' and 'Layers'
'plone_images' and 'plone_styles' meet almost all your needs
'custom' is the top layer and where modifications are made CSS Minor Change Look into the portal_skins tool
Click 'Customize' to edit them http://localhost:8080/manage Adding Packages with Buildout Preferred Style? (Intuitive) Zope Management Interface
(ZMI) CSS Customization Base Properties Font Size, Background Color ... Practical Example News Item Listing
Different Views for Display Standard View Tabular View Summary View T hrough T ilesystem hrough T W he eb T F he Content Processing and more ... (Repeatable) New Style Viewlet
Viewlet Manager portal_skins

customizations [instance]
eggs =
zcml =
beyondskins.ploneday.site2009 I Want My Own Theme Package What is eggs ? Installable Python Packages Where to find eggs ? Python Package Index (PyPI)
http://pypi.python.org/ Intranet KnowledgeBase
Internet Portal
Collaborative Platform Plone can work as and more ... OpenFoundry Code Repositry 'paster' is Your Friend cd src
../bin/paster create -t plone3_theme carer.theme Variables:
egg: carer.theme
package: carertheme
project: carer.theme Expert Mode? easy
Skin Name: CarerTheme
Empty Styles? False carer.theme/carer/theme browser/
skins/ Register as Member
Subversion Checkout
Add New Files
Subversion Checkin Subversion Example svn co http://svn.openfoundry.org/mpp
cp -a carer.theme mpp
svn add mpp/carer.theme
svn ci mpp/carer.theme note the .svn directory Repeatable Customization Through The Filesystem
Python Package Index
paster + ZopeSkel
Policy Package
Code Management
Known Good Sets Webmaster Jobs Maintenance Content Export/Import
Upgrade Thank You! mailto marr.tw@gmail.com Plone 4 Features Python 2.6 based
Performace improved
jQuery bundled
Dexterity / Deliverance GenericSetup XML Configuration Files Profiles Base Profile
Extention Profile CMS Content
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