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Draft Wrestling

yet another draft

Jasen Henderson

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Draft Wrestling

Double click anywhere & add an idea Wrestling a Community in Peril The sport of wrestling is in trouble and programs are getting cut all over the country. Many say this is due to the revision and misapplication of the Title IX law, the law was intended to give male and female athletes equal access to athletics. Due to the fact that football programs bring in more money and have large rosters of mostly male athletes, many of the smaller male programs are cut to make the number of male and female athletes equal. Winning Programs are Losing A Plea For Help Are Programs Worth Saving Is this a community worth saving I believe it is but my voice is not enough alone the purpose of this presentation is to better inform people of this great community and bring back programs that have been lost across the country. Wrestling is a sport that dates back further than recorded history, wrestling programs are built on tradition and hard work. Sadly many of these programs are being cut from schools around the country, it seems that we do not have the money in these troubled times to keep programs afloat. This is why the people who are apart of and even on the outside need to stand up and help save these programs. Because your program may be next Why is this happening programs like these are the ones who see the effects of the cuts. These programs have done nothing to deserve getting the programs stripped from them. Coupled with the misaplication of the Title IX law is our suffering economy the governments attempts at fixing our economy by making schools cut money from their budgets Your progam could easily be next to see funding cut and be left on your own to fund your dance, soccer, or volleyball program and some day maybe even big programs like football basketball and baseball even seemingly untouchable programs aren't exempt from the reach of this budget crisis We can't have that now can we Recently the University of California at Davis announced that they would be cutting 4 programs to save $2.4 million dollars from the athletics department while they are saving 2.4 million dollars they are cutting 80 men 73 female athletes In some cases athletes are losing their education along with their sport for some of these students the sport and the scholarship that came along with it was their only way of obtaining an education while these hard economic times are the partial cause for the cuts they are also making the problem worse in the long run. many of these athletes would have not gone pro and used their education to get good job and contribute to society and better the economy now the ones who cannot continue to afford college will have to drop out and will just make the economy worse Wrestling is one of the programs being affected This program has developed a couple national champions in past years Now the people involved in U.C. Davis' wrestling community will no longer have jobs and the athletes will have no where to compete Soon there will be more programs in trouble that need help to stay alive because it seems that the schools hands are tied when it comes to making these cuts. While the Davis administration seemingly had no choice because of the laws and economic situations they did have other options other than cutting 153 athletes. The athletes came up with a proposal that would keep all the programs while cutting a portion of each teams funding. Seems reasonable right? The administration felt that it would be better too keep full funding for the other sports and eliminate these four Now that we know a little bit about the issue that we need to address, lets look at what the community is all about and what its not about
WWE Im sure everyone has heard of Dwayne Johnson Or more commonly known as "The Rock" The "wrestler" turned good guy Disney actor.... This is not wrestling or what it is about Violence This is not wrestling so lets start by forgetting about this when you think of wrestling Also not what wrestling is about many people associate violence and pain when they think of wrestling But in fact there are many rules to protect the athletes from things like this Wrestling Since we have talked about what wrestling is not lets look at what it is Wrestling is... It is up to the comunities surrounding these programs to get involved and support them. The students and faculty should be proud of their sports programs and support the teams. Maybe its a lack of knowledge about these communities with in thier larger community
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