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Joelle Fundaro

on 15 August 2013

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Campus Programming
Life Changing........
We began our journey together in the Fall.
She was so willing to help me start my
exlporation in Student Affairs.
Kristin Fouts
Assistant Director RSO
Development/ Greek Life
The Journey of Higher Education

NASPA Undergraduate Fellows Program
More Professionals
Chris Sligh
we started from here
What is the NUFP Program?

Undergraduate students wishing to explore and better understand the field of student affairs and/or higher education.
Students are known as NUFP Fellows
Students and mentors build mentoring relationship at their institution.
Given the opportunity to attend a national conference, participate in paid internships, and participate in the Summer Leadership Institute

But there is more.......
Live the Legacy
Her Journey:
Diana fell into student affairs. She loved working with first generation student and pre-college students.
She started college because her father encouraged her.
With her generous heart she now enjoys seeing students make it though graduation and see them grow through the years.
Director, Multicultural Affairs
Diana looks over the following programs:
GEAR UP/College Day (GUCD)
Steps Toward Exhibiting Mastery (STEM)
MLK Academy*
Events & Cultural
Community Outreach
Sarah Stangl
Her Journey:
"I fell into this field of student affairs. My major was Philosophy "

Even though she is only a temporary full-time coordinator, I feel that she puts in 110% into this postion.

Sarah shared a story about one of her students that was inspirational. Sarah has impacted so many students' lives, and many more in the future.
Sarah has been at Western for
4 years and coordnates:
Safe On Campus
Gender Identity Training
Leadership Development
LBGT Student Services
Master's Degree in College Student Personnel from Ball State University
Bachelor's degree from Grand Valley State University in Communications
His Journey:
It all started in High School when he was involved in leadership roles.

As a professional the most rewarding part of the job is working with students.

" Western's Student Body is one of a kind."
Director – Student Activities &
Leadership Programs
Second generation graduate of WMU, receiving her B.S. in Elementary Education in 2003.
She went on to receive her M.S. in Counselor Education from Ohio State University.
Melissa Green
Assistant Director – Volunteer Services & Leadership Programs
Her Journey:
She has a wonderful role model, her Mother, who is the president of community college in Arizona. This influenced her to explore Higher Education.

One piece of advice the she told me that I hold dear to my heart is:
"Live each day to its fullest, take nothing for granted, and live with absolutely no regrets.! Never underestimate yourself."!

Melissa and I have a very unique bond because we both share the orientation # 9
March 17th
Bronco Bash Coordinator interview

Lynnae allowed me to sit in on an interview.
As a professional I could see her Bronco pride. As she interviewed the candidate she asked for ideas to elevate the program (Bronco Bash).
Associate Director – Campus Programming
Lynnae Stankus
Two-time WMU alumna with her Bachelor's degree in Secondary Education and her Master's degree in Student Affairs Administrationsity

His Journey:
He is always willing to help students develop their leadership skills and learn about the three different councils Western has for Greek Life. Michael will make an impact on future student.

“No day is ever the same, every day there is something different.”
Michael Couch
He did his undergraduate at Grand Valley State University.

Graduate Assistant for Greek Life and his responsibilities a range from helping advise the Panhellenic Council, Interfraternity Council and National Pan-Hellenic Council, Inc. in all endeavors & activities.
Fraternity & Sorority Life
Stephen Fountain
Graduate Staff
Our Mission Statement
To enhance student learning and leadership development by engaging students in educationally purposeful and diverse co-curricular experiences.
Ms. Diana Hernández
Her Mission:
To engage students in learning and personal development. She actively participates in students’ events and programs at WMU.
“I told the presidents I have worked with if I ever lose touch with the students, fire me.!” She also said the first year at a new institute is always the most difficult.
“Some advice: You should always push yourself in diverse situations. Remember, someone is there to plant the seed, someone is there to water it, and someone is there to see it grow. You have to figure out what part of the process you want to be a part of. ”
Her Journey:
She did her undergraduate work at Wheaton College.
Attended graduate school at Michigan State, She wanted a diverse and challenging environment.
On a whim, she applied to colleges and wniversity in Texas. She worked at Southern Methodist University in residence life in Dallas, TX. She then traveled to College Park and finished her Doctorate at University of Maryland.
She has been with Western Michigan University for 17 years.
Volunteer Services & Leadership Programs
Michelle Nickerson
University.Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Michigan State University .
As an active student leader on campus in the LBGT community at MSU, she participated in various student organizations, including student government, during her undergraduate career.
Her Journey:
Michelle is the reason I am a part of the NUFP Fellow program. She is a NUFP alumna.

Her most memorable moment so far is making the commitment to invest into her career. “I feel more motivated then ever.”

I believe she has the ability to succeed in whatever she may encounter.

She has planned major leadership initiatives at WMU: Emerging Leaders Program, Fall Student Leadership Retreat, Spring Student Leadership Retreat.
Nicole Millar
Nicole did her undergraduate work at Grand Valley State University and received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.
She graduated in three years!.
After graduation, Nicole worked for her sorority, Alpha Sigma Alpha, as a traveling Leadership Consultant.
Her Journey:

She works on large scale campus events such as Bronco Bash and Homecoming. She is also the graduate advisor for the Campus Activities Board (Awarded Agency of the Year) and the Bernhard Student Entertainment Team.
Registered Student Organization (RSO) Development Advisor
His Journey:

When sitting down with Stephen, he is always eager to elevate whatever project he is working on.

After finishing graduate school I can see him making a huge impact on the institution of his choice. With his spunky personality he will travel to new heights.
Stephen is a true Bronco, earning his Bachelors in Management from WMU in 2006.
Stephen's responsibilities include RSO registration and orientation, coordinating the Golden Bronco program, overseeing the allocation of RSO office spaces, and advising RSOs with recruitment, programming, and retention strategies.
Dev Apiyo
Registered Student Organization (RSO) Financial Advisor
His Journey:
Dev’s dream to pursue a finance related career within the Division of Student Affairs grew out of the satisfaction he drew from working with both undergraduate and graduate students through the numerous student leadership roles he participates in.

Dev's caring attitude will allow students like myself to better understand finacial questions.
Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance/Economics from Western Michigan University.
Her Journey:

“ I enjoy helping students use our resources and know that there are accommodations at the college level. Students learn how advocate for themselves.”

She taught elementary students and then moved in the Kalamazoo area. She tested this job out and has been here ever since.
Dorothy Fancher
Assistant Director, Disabled
Student Resouces and Services
Resources that she helps students with:
Priority registration
Referral and advocacy activities with University departments
Campus accessibility
Adaptive computer equipment
Acting as a liaison for special classroom concerns
The Office of Residence Life has a talented and diverse staff. The central office staff keeping things running smoothly, or the leadership team, everyone strives to do their best for our students and WMU.
Associate Director, Office of Residence Life, Staff Training
and Selection
Judy Kopf
I had the privilege to partake in the interview process for Resident Assistants for special housing. Judy allowed me to ask some of the questions and learn how to be the interviewer. I met great candidates and saw how passionate the students were about becoming a RA in the residence halls.
Vice President for Student Affairs & Dean of Students
Dr. Diane Anderson
Adventures at Kalamazoo College
Founded in 1833, among the 100 oldest institutions in the country. 13-to-1 student-to-faculty ratio.
Was invited by Dr. Donna Talbot, Chair of the Higher Education-Student Affairs graduate program, to join her class's campus visit.
It was such a great opportunity to compare and contrast a private college setting to a public university.
Brian Dietz and Kate Lake, Student Activities
NASPA Annual Conference
The Journey
Field Trips
Special thanks to Kristin
Readings Lessons:
Students spend more time out the classroom then I realized.
Student Affairs as a profession has developed over the years.
“Both students and institutional environments contribute to what the student gains from college. Create conditions that motivate and inspire student to devote time and energy to educationally-purposeful activities, both in and outside the classroom.” - ACPA student learning imperative
StrengthsQuest, Gallup's strengths development program for college students, faculty, and staff, gives people the opportunity to develop strengths by building on their greatest talents -- the way in which they most naturally think, feel, and behave as unique individuals.


Diversity Lock-in

Our goal was to: ' To celebrate diversity on Western Michigan University's campus. The Lock in will allow students that participate in a positive educational experience about diversity through workshops. We will be having entertainment as well to continue to celebration.'
Explore and interview some of the higher education staff to see what area I would like to pursue.

Summer Leadership Institute.
This unique four-day leadership institute aimed at developing your leadership skills, enhancing your cultural competencies, and preparing you for a career in student affairs.
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