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Licensing Assingment

No description

Donald Drake

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Licensing Assingment

Why We chose the name?
Theme Song Restaurant Clothing Toys Food And Beverages Bullet with a name
McDonalds Video Games Trucks
Tanks Rifles Legend Of GSG9 Let the bodies hit the floor In the movie GSG9 is a name of an anti-terrorist unit force We chose the name "Legend Of GSG9 because it is closely relevant to the movie's plot The song's theme is about the fatal impact of wars. The movie's resolution is fatal and that's why we chose the song We created an agreement with McDonalds feature the product on their new Angus third Pounder Gear-Mart was the company of our choice because they make millitary outfit and boots Sony is our video game our licensed video game manufacturer Coming Soon In theatres
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