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M.C. Escher

Life and works of the artist

Austin Evans

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of M.C. Escher

M.C. Escher He lived from 1898-1972 He was born in Leeuwarden, Netherlands in 1898. He was very sick as a child and failed the second grade. At first, he took up architecture but soon switched over to drawing. He was fascinated with impossible shapes and used many in his works. He was a busy man and he moved several times in his life before settling down in Baarn, Netherlands. His favorite place in the world was Italy.
Many of his works were inspired by the Italian countryside. He died in an artist retirement home in 1972. During his lifetime, both World Wars were fought.
He didn't participate in either. During his lifetime America was strongly involved in the Vietnam War. Later in his life, the first people landed on the moon. M.C. Escher is widely known for his impossible shapes and his patterns. He mainly was a draftsman but he also created lithographs and woodcuts. M.C. Escher Portrait - 1929 Another World - 1947 Ascending and Descending - 1960 Belvedere - 1958 Convex and Concave - 1955 Drawing Hands - 1955 Metamorphosis #7 - 1968 Mobius Strip - 1963 Relativity - 1953 Hand with Reflecting Sphere - 1935
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