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The Baby Gas Giant

By Nicholas T, Madison & Tommy

Shannon Jedd

on 2 May 2012

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Transcript of The Baby Gas Giant

The Baby Gas Giant Temperature Neptunes average temperature is about -370 degrees farenheight. So make sure to bring a coat. Neptune has the strongest winds in the solar system. Don't bring an umbrella because you will Fly Away! . Neptune's atmosphere
is -320 degrees F Moons and Rings Neptune has 13 moons so you should bring many telescopes. Neptunes 13 moons are Triton,Nereld,Nalad,Thalassa,Despina,Galutea,
Laomedeia,Neso. Neptune has extremely thin rings. Looks and Size Neptune's storm is about the size of Earth. Neptune is the 4th largest planet in the solar sytem. Neptune is a little smaller than Uranus. Neptune is a lot larger than Earth. Neptune has 6 rings. Made Of Neptune is made of gas, ice, and stone. Its atmosphere has a striped pattern of clouds. Time Neptune's great storm used to be
thought to be a really big hole. A year on Neptune is 165 Earth years. (60,190 Earth days)
and Neptunes day is 16 hours
and 17 minutes long. Distance from Sun You can only see it with a really good telescope. At a really fast speed it would take about 10 years to travel to Neptune. It is 3 billion miles from the sun! Other Neptune has the fastest wind
speed in the solar system. It was discovered
in the year 1846. Neptune's orbit takes so
long it hasn't finished one
orbit since 1846. No people have ever gone
to Neptune so if you want to
become famous you should go there. The only thing that has
ever gone to Neptune is
Voyager 1 ,and Voyager 2
will soon reach it. Exploration NASA is planning a new mission
to Neptune which will arrive in 2035. We hope you have enjoyed
learning about this fascinating
awesome planet!
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