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1960's Music

No description

Kathryn Dobbins

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of 1960's Music

1960's Music Elvis Presley Elvis Presley, The King of Rock, was born on January 8, 1935 in Memphis, Tennessee and lived there at his house called Graceland. He was in the army from March 24, 1958 to March 23, 1960. In the 1960’s Elvis sang, danced, and appeared in movies. In the 1950’s he was the most popular performer but was the second top performer in the 60’s behind the popular band “The Beatles”. He got married to Priscilla Beaulieu and had a daughter but later got divorced. Elvis is sometimes considered the most crowd-pleasing American artist. Elvis Presley died August 16, 1977. The Beatles The Beatles, an English rock band, were the most popular group of their time. They were a huge hit in the 1960’s when they started touring. They were sometimes called “The Four Englishmen”. They became famous all around the world when they toured in the U.S. in 1964. They were first looked by Brian Epstein, but when Epstein died the band slowly started to break up. In 1970 The Beatles officially broke up. The Twist The Twist was a huge dance craze in the 1960’s. It was originally created by Hank Ballard in the 1950’s, but was made popular by Chubby Checker, who was only 19, in 1960. It was a #1 dance all throughout the 60’s. Chubby Checker even made a song called “The Twist” which was also at the top of the carts in the 60’s. Music in the Sixties A focal point in the 1960’s was rock n’ roll music. It was not only for hippies but also for young people. Elvis Presley might have introduced rock music in the 50’s but in the 60’s it established rock as a powerful and deep-felt influence on American culture. One person said it makes them feel alive again. Music in the 60’s did not just influence the people but also fashion. So music plays a role in lots of ways. The Hits of the Sixties The 1960’s was full of amazing songs, artist, and dances. The top 3 artist were 1.The Beatles, 2.The Rolling Stones, and at #3 Elvis Presley. The top 3 songs were 1.The Twist, 2.Beyond The Sea, and at #3 Are You Lonesome Tonight. The best types of songs were the ones that mom and dad’s hated at #1 Let’s Spend The Night Together by The Rolling Stones, at #2 Rainy Day Woman # 12 & 35 by Bob Dylan, and at #3 In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida by Iron Butterfly. These are only a few of the top songs and artist of the 1960’s. Created by Faith & Kathryn "1960's Print Culture." Bowling, Beatnicks, AND Bell-Bottoms: Pop Culture of 20th Century America. Vol. 4, Detroit: Thomson Gale, 2002. Print.
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