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theresa Sauer

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of group4

Electricity project
By: Matthew, Chris, Leann, Reese
What is electricity?
How does electricity get to your home?
Electricity is a type of energy that can build up or travel from one place to another.
Electricity comes from magnets.

Electricity is made at power plants by big generators. Then the current is sent through transformers to increase the voltage.
Next the electricity goes through high voltage transmission lines that stretch the electricity long distances
After that the electricity reaches substation where the voltage is lowered so it can be sent through smaller power lines
Next it travels through more distribution lines to your neighborhood where the voltage is lowered even more.
How is electricity generated?
Coal is dug up and sent on trains and boats to be burned in heated water to make steam, the steam spins a big fan called a turbine. The spinning turbine rotates a big magnet around a piece of wire, and the motion creates a magnetic field that electrifies the wire.
How does electricity travel through conductors?
When electricity passes between two points by means of a physical connection it can pass through an object
How do insulators affect how electricity travels?
Insulators don't let electricity pass through them so they stop the flow of the energy.
Natural gas is supplied by the earth we don't make it.
Water can be used to create electricity by flowing through pipes and turning turbines.
Nuclear energy holds the protons together in a nuclease. The nuclear energy that was holding the protons together is released. Then it is heated to steam then turns turbines.
Natural gas is the fuels we find under ground like coal or oil. Then it is heated to steam that turns turbines.
In 1752 Ben Franklin
discovered that electricity & lightning are the same thing.
Oil, coal, and other fuels are found under ground. And are heated to steam. The steam turns turbines.
In 1797Michael Faraday developed measurement methods in capacitance & electromotive force.
1847 Alexander graham Bell, one of several inventors of telephones. Also invented the photo phone which transmitted sound over light waves.
1906 Philo Fransworth, An american inventor considered to be the father of the television system.
1927 Robert Noyce, further developed the integrated ciricut to include more transistors on a silicon substance.
Trees and power lines could be
dangerous because, a tree could
break the power line and catch on fire.
One of the reasons a power line would be
dangerous is by snapping
and landing on objects.
every home should have:
:first aid kit
:smoke alarm
Generator and a fire exstinguisher.
Electricity can hurt you,
by shocking you and electrocuting
you it can burn you.
By the safety expert
Christopher Boarman
by scientist, Reese Hayden
by:historian,Leann Lyon
One problem we have in the world is pollution Pollution puts animals and people in danger and could cause them to die if they are around pollution long enough.
by environmentalist Matthew
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