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Anthony quipp

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of vand.

Vandalism is when some one or a group do damage to
another persons property Defintion of Vandalism-The wilful damaging or defacing of property belonging to another person or to the public When does vandalism happen? It
happens late at night or early in
morning so that the vandas will
not be seen. Vandalism approximitly costs 1000000 dollars in Canada per year and is the number one crime not repoted on in Canada Types of Vandalism
1. Broken Glass
2. Graffiti
3. Theft
4. Arson
5. Rowdyism
6. On-site alcohol / drug abuse
Alcohol and drug abuse are cotribuators to vandalism
but not vandalism Vadalism worst times of the year
are halloween, long weekends in
in May and June, the summer
months, and before school starts Most vandalism is caused by young persons but can be done by more than just young people. The big question is? Do you think that Graffiti
is vanadlism or art. After watching these videos
There are four main types of Graffiti
Generic(not threatening)
Hip Hop (tagging) Ther are four primary motivating factors for vandalism
Poer How can you prevent graffiti in your community?
Try to remove it within 24-48 hours of it happening if people don't notice other graffiti the tend to not make more graffiti
Report graffiti to police, most graffiti never gets reported; and have penalties.
Try having "legal walls" which permits graffiti at that area

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