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Poseidon "The Sovereign Of The Sea"

No description

Alicia H.

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Poseidon "The Sovereign Of The Sea"

By: Aleisha Stevens, Alicia Hood, and Emon Powell Poseidon
" The God of The Sea" Poseidon's Genealogical Information Cronus and Rhea produced
Poseidon The Trident Of Power- This was Poseidon's main symbol because it was his weapon of choice and he used it to control water.

The War Horse- The war horse is really a common symbol of Poseidon because he created the horse and is known well for it. There are also many variations of the horse that he made such as Pegasus, the Unicorn and Hippo Campi.

The Dolphin- The Dolphin is a sea creature and he is the sea God. It was said that Dionysus created the dolphin when torturing some sailors. Poseidon's dominion over the deep waters of the sea. he built for himself a beautiful underwater palace, which included vast stables for keeping his team of prized chariot horses, he was given the nickname "The Earth Shaker". Modern day references to Poseidon Domains Poseidon was the God of the sea, the sources of fresh water, horses and earthquakes. He was widely worshiped in Ancient Greece with numerous temples and shrines. He was one of the twelve Olympians Dieties of the Pantheon in Greek Mythology. This played a very important role in Ancient Greece. Poseidon's Importance to Ancient Greece Some other symbols included:
The Sea Shell
The Bull
The Fis
Tidal Waves
Submariners often carried personal mascots onboard, including ones that they had made themselves. Submariners are known for their superstitious nature and mascots were seen as an important means of maintaining one's luck whilst beneath the seas. A brass figure of Poseidon wearing a crown of shells, with a long beard and holding a three pronged trident in both hands. This was used as the mascot of the submarine.
*Poseidon Travel is a common travel agency name

*Poseidon Seafood is a national brand of seafood products.

*Neptune, the Roman version, is often also used by companies, as in Neptune Fresh Lobster Co.

*Poseidon plays a very important part in the story, The Odyssey. (He is first introduced into the story as a god who is out to sabotage Odysseus' journey home.)

*Poseidon drowning detection system, a computer aided drowning detection system

* A computer game called "Master of Atlantis" was named after The God. Poseidon Travel (Resort) Poseidon has many many contributions to today's

modern world. Even though he has passed away he

still shows many relevance to the world through

entertainment, Software, and many many more.

Poseidon was great at what he did back then and now he is

showing influence on today's world. How is Poseidon Relevant today? List of Popular Myths: *The Share of the World- Having to share the throne

*The Contest of Poseidon and Athena- Battle for Athens

*Poseidon and the siege of troy- a story about the Trojan War

*Poseidon and Odysseus- the fight between them SYMBOLS Poseidon Seafood MASCOTS Master of atlantis Resort The Oddessy Drowning Detective System Detective System VIDEOS Parents: Cronus and Rhea
Spouse: Amphitrite

Noteworthy children: Triton, Medusa, Pegasus, Chrysaor,Antaeus, Charybdis,Polyphemus,Cercyon, Sciron

Mortal Children: Greek hero: Theseus, and a sea monster that almost destroyed Odysseus Charybdis
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