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Life of Pi

Independent Reading Presentation

Anna Ristvey

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of Life of Pi

Summary Life of Pi By Anna Ristvey Reading Presentation of About the Author Weaknesses Yann Martel was born on June 25, 1963 in Salamanca, Spain. However he was raised in Costa Rica, France, Ontario, British Columbia, Mexico, and Canada.Yann Martel currently lives in Montreal.Yann has been living from his writing since the age of 27. He divides his time between yoga, writing and volunteering in a palliative care unit. Martel has published six books. Life of Pi, his fourth book, was published in 2001 and later was awarded the Man Booker Prize in 2002 and also chosen for the 2003 edition of CBC Radio's Canada Reads competition. Piscine Molitor Patel (Pi for short) lives in Pondicherry, India in the late 1970s. His mother, father and older brother (and himself) live and take care off a zoo. Pi was born a Hindu, but was found a strong faith Christianity and Islam as well. Pi said“I just want to love God”

When Pi is sixteen his family decides to move(with some of the animals) to Canada. However on the journey to North America, the boat sinks. Pi is thrown into a life boat that also contains a dying Zebra. At first Pi thinks he sees another survivor in the water and only after throwing them a life preserver and pulling them aboard does he realize that “the survivor” is actually the 450 pound tiger from his father’s zoo named Richard Parker. Over the next seven months (227 days to be precise), Pi trains Richard Parker an actually creates a bond with the tiger.
"'I love you!'
The words burst out pure and unfettered, infinite. The feeling flooded my chest.
'Truly I do. I love you, Richard Parker. If I didn't have you now, I don't know what I would do. I don't think I would make it. No, I wouldn't. I would die of hopelessness" Strengths I would recommend this book, but, only to a strong reader and a critical thinker. I have heard many opinions about the book, and more often than not people who enjoy reading love it, others however were just confused. The book is quirky. I would say, take the book as a challenge! This novel is unique. It is refreshingly different from other teen- reads. Pi’s outrageous adventure is distinctively described and is striking and colorful. The book is written in first-person from an adult viewpoint, and thus, his outlook is uncommonly sophisticated as he recalls about his childhood. This can be a bit confusing.
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