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jordan lahens

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of Hawaii

Taking control of Hawaii
British explorer James cook visits Hawaii. He brought attention of Hawaii to the outside world.
U.S. begin trading with Hawaii frequently. Missionaries bring diseases
Kalakaua becomes king. America gains control over Hawaii land and economy.
negotiated treaty to allow Hawaiian sugar to enter the U.S tax free.
The U.S. wants pearl harbor in exchange for renewing the sugar treaty.
The U.S. force king Kalakaua to sign the bayonet constitution which restricted the king's power and deprived most Hawaiians the right to vote
The U.S. revoked the sugar treaty
by Jordan Lahens period 7

king kalakaua dies, and his sister Liliuokalani becomes queen
Liliuokalani wants to restore the power of the monarchy. People plot to overthrow her
Liliuokalani surrender, and Hawaii becomes part of American territory
Summary: By 1874 the U.S. already started gaining control of Hawaii's land and economy. A group of Americans formed the Hawaiian league to overthrow the monarchy and replace it with democracy. In 1887 the Hawaiian league forced the king at gunpoint to sign the bayonet constitution which took away a lot of the king's power and deprived most Hawaiians the right to vote. America had political control in Hawaii, and they revoked the sugar treaty. when Liliuokalani become queen she wanted to restore the monarchy, so members of the business communities plotted to overthrow her. in 1898 Hawaii became part of American territory and then in 1959 it becomes the fiftieth state.
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