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Unit 11: Investigating the Cruise Industry

P4 P5 P6

Andrew Peggs

on 4 May 2017

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Transcript of Unit 11: Investigating the Cruise Industry

P6:Explain how cruise lines have developed products for a growing cruise market.
Explain how cruise lines have developed a range of products for a growing cruise market. You should identify a range of products and then select a
minimum of two
and explain
this product has been developed over recent years to meet the needs of a growing cruise market. For example, some operators have developed free-style cruising as this meets the demand for informal cruising; some operators have developed the luxury product by commissioning luxury ships to meet the demand for this type of cruise.
Understand the cruise market.
Cruise Areas
The cruise industry is a worldwide phenomena, covering most of the globe.
Products developed to expand market:
Freestyle cruising,
Fun ships, Adult only, Children’s clubs,
Cruise and stay,
Mini cruises,
Family friendly

Types of Cruises.
Round the world cruise,
River cruise,
Luxury cruise,
Special interest cruise,
Transatlantic cruise (liners),
Sail ship,
Formal/ informal
Tonnage and type of vessels;
Owners and operators;
Crew eg nationality
Unit 11: Investigating the Cruise Industry
Understand the cruise market.
Cruise Areas.
Types of Cruises.
Popular cruising regions of the world are now identified as "Cruise Areas".
Western and Eastern Caribbean.
Western and Eastern Mediterranean
The Baltic
The Fjords
Canada and Alaska
Far East
Panama Canal
Black Sea
P4: Identify major cruise areas available to the UK market.
For P4, learners must identify the major cruise areas available to the UK market. This can be presented visually using a large world map or a variety of smaller maps.

"My Maps: Google drive.
Chrome books
This type of cruise flies you out from the UK to pick up a cruise in a global location. This saves the customer spending days at sea, crossing large oceans to reach their destination area. Royal Caribbean are a very popular fly-cruise company with British cruisers.
Fly Cruise
Also known as a "circumnavigation", world cruises will either sail eastwards or westwards until they reach their starting point. They will visit many exotic destinations. Passengers can leave and join the cruise at many points along the itinerary making this an example of a fly/cruise. P&O operate popular world cruises lasting over 100 days
Round the World
Ideal for first time cruisers and sometimes known as "taster cruises" mini cruises will last less than a week and offer customers a flavour of cruise life.
Mini Cruise
A river cruise will take place on a famous river. The ships are radically different by design but will emulate the service and comfort of their ocean going counterparts.
The Nile is a popular destination with river cruisers. "Viking" are a world renowned river cruise operator.
River Cruise
For people who really want to cruise in style. Companies like Silversea offer "ultra-luxury" experiences with 6 star accommodations.
Luxury Cruise
Special Interest
Cruises can now offer passengers specialist experiences such as visiting regions with religious significance like "The Holy Land". Culinary cruises are also offered to people who like fine wine and cooking. These may be hosted by a celebrity chef.
Disney also offer cruises that cater for Mickey Mouse enthusiasts.
What is often regarded as the epitome of tradition and style, the transatlantic crossing takes passengers between The UK and New York.
Most typically this route is synonymous with Cunard's Queen Mary 2 ship. There are no ports of call en route appealing to passengers who love the cruise lifestyle
(Cruise Liner)
Cruising in a sailing ship is a ‘niche’ product that appeals to a small number of people who are looking for a more authentic and traditional cruising experience.
Sail Ship
All Inclusive
Passengers who choose an all-inclusive cruise have the certainty of knowing that everything is provided for them in the price they pay for their holiday

There are no ‘hidden costs’ for on-shore excursions, tips for staff, port/airport taxes, on-board activity sessions, drinks, etc.

Some cruise operators offer an all-inclusive arrangement as an upgrade for customers, for example Island Cruises

Formal/ Informal Cruising
With the growth in popularity of "American Style" or "casual cruising" more cruise lines are reacting to the appeal of less traditional dress codes and evening activities.
Companies like Carnival have popularised more laid back propositions with dine around, buffet meal options and relaxed dress codes.
There is still a market for formal , traditional style cruising typified by the range of options offered by The Cunard Line.
Evening dress codes will be insisted upon to attend Captain's events, cocktail parties and A La Carte Dining.
Design Features
Recent developments in ship design;
Deck plans;
Accommodation range eg standard inside cabins, superior outside cabins with balconies, suites;
Public areas eg restaurants (service and self-service), bars, sports facilities, children’s areas, spa, shops, deck areas
P5:Describe the different types of cruises available to customers
Describe at least
three different
types of cruises available to customers. It is important to start with a description of the different
of ship and their
design features
and then link these to the
different types of cruises
on offer, For example, many operators offer fly-cruises around the Mediterranean Sea but these cruises can be very different dependent on the type of ship; some ships are large and new with many facilities and most cabins with balconies; some ships are smaller and older with limited facilities.
The cruise industry has recognised great potential in developing
and broadening its appeal .

Freestyle Cruising.
Fun ships offer adult provision.
Mini Cruise
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