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Road to Independence

No description

John McGough

on 13 January 2015

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Transcript of Road to Independence

A plan for government was debated
3 branches of goverment
Executive- leadership
Legislative- making laws
Judicial- court system
Road to Independence
Chapter 9 pgs 202-221
Revolution Begins
"Come and Take it"
On to San Antonio
The Convention of 1836
Santa Anna
Runaway Scrape
October 2, 1835 revolution begins at Gonzales
"Lexington of Texas"
9 October Goliad is captured by Texas forces
S.F.A. led the Army of the People to San Antonio to surround General Cos
Peace and War Parties argue about Texas future
A provisional government is established
Santa Anna was more interested in taking the Alamo back
He viewed the Convention as insignificant
March 17th Santa Anna advanced on the delegates
The government left Washington on the Brazos seeking safety
People across Texas were afraid for their lives
Everyone was going to the U.S.A. as fast as they could.
March 1, 1836 at Washington on the Brazos delegates met to discuss Texas future
March 2, 1836 Texas declared its independence from Mexico.
The declaration of independence was similar to the U.S. Declaration of Independence.
Grass Fight- Nov 29th 1835, Texans attacked supplies heading to General Cos. Only found food for animals
December 5 1835 the assault began
December 9, General Cos surrendered San Antonio
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