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Raeven DeSantis

on 21 October 2014

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Transcript of Bagels

what is a bagel?
Bagels are formed from an eggless dough (flour, yeast, water and oil) into a donut shape, then droped in rapidly boiling water, cooked 3 - 5 minutes on one side then flipped and cooked 3 -5 minutes more on the other side. Drained, sometimes brushed with egg and then baked for 10 minutes or so.






history of bagels
No confirmed "Father of the Bagel"

Many theories about how it originated, but the majority of them indicate Jewish beginnings

The first printed mention of bagels is found in the Community Regulations of Kracow, Poland in 1610

According to legend, the world's first bagel was produced in 1783 as a tribute to the King of Poland.

cost of bagels
"The Bagel Factory" a popular bagel company based in Florida, has many different types of bagels, and they are priced as listed.
fun facts
There are many theories about how bagels were named, one being after the Polish king, who was a renowned horseman. They were shaped like a “stirrup” to honor him, and appropriately named “beugel” which is Austrian for stirrup.
The "everything" bagel has an interesting history too, It is perfectly possible that David Gussin's claim for introducing the "everything bagel" c., 1970s is plausible. However, it cannot be confirmed in print.
North Carolina molecular scientist Robert Bohannon has developed 'Buzz Donuts' and 'Buzzed Bagels'- caffeinated donuts and bagels. They contain the caffeine equivalent of 2 cups of coffee.
Butter or Margarine $1.52
Cream Cheese – regular, low fat $2.30
Cinnamon Toast $2.30
Peanut Butter or Jelly $2.89
(Grape or Strawberry)
Cream Cheese & Jelly $2.99
Flavored Cream Cheese12 flavors $2.99
Lox Spread $4.25
Open faced add $0.82
Tomatoes add $0.63
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