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Job Club CDPA

responsiblities and tasks of a CDPA

Kim Carlson

on 27 August 2013

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Transcript of Job Club CDPA

Tasks and Responsibilities
The GAIN Division, in collaboration with public and private agencies, empowers individuals and families toward self-sufficiency through quality programs that motivate, evaluate, train, and educate. 
Job Club instructors work with and train GAIN Participants in the following areas:
career exploration,
identifying transferable skills,
completing job applications,
creating professional resumes,
contacting employers
succeeding in job interviews
Answers office telephones, takes messages, and provides basic information regarding program services to the general public and performs other related duties as assigned
Assists with participant registration, generates rosters, and submits paperwork
Orders office supplies and instructional materials
Prepares attendance and activities reports
Creates and maintains files by inputting required information
Creates posters and flip charts and sets up classrooms
Maintains the clothing boutique and issues and tracks transportation and clothing vouchers
Assists in generating job leads and verifying job search activities

Assists participants on computer usage and with job applications and resumes
Prepares paperwork for closing classes-week end/month end
Monitor for Dress Code compliance
GEARS -GAIN Employment and Activity Reporting System
Gain database to track PT(participant) component outcomes such as Participation, No Show, Transfers, Employment, and Completion.
GOLD (NDS) - GAIN ON-LINE DATA - Job Club database to track PT attendance, absences, and component outcomes such as Participation (1), No Show (0), Transfer Out (T), Drop (W) or Employment (J).
Gain Liaison

So, How does Job Club partner with GAIN?
Cool! How do I assist?
Assignment: listed as an endangered
species, the JOB can still be found
if you are focused, patient, and

As CDPA, you will have a hand in keeping the office, staff, and classes organized, supplied, supported and running smoothly. Welcome Aboard!
Research &
Dress for Success
Maintains and replenishes instructional materials
Designed by Kim Carlson
Collaboration with:
David Manguramas
Cynthia Preciado
Ramon Castillejo
Region IIA Presentation Team
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