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Who Owns the Ocean's Minerals?

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Sara Dombrowski

on 11 February 2015

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Transcript of Who Owns the Ocean's Minerals?

What Rights do the Nations Have?
The Law of the Sea treaty, signed by 157 nations, stated that ocean mineral deposits are property of all people and that the profits must be shared with all nations.
What Countries Mine in the Ocean & What do they Mine for?
Is Ocean Mining Good or Bad?
Personally, I think that it is a great idea. We are supporting developing countries by giving them mineral that they could use and they are giving them more job opportunities, so they are able to support their families. Also, We are mining minerals that we use daily and we are not ruining the land.
Who Owns the Ocean's Minerals?
Who Can Afford to Mine?
Deep sea mining can be extremely expensive. Only wealthy industrial countries can afford it and think that they should keep the profits for themselves. However, landlocked countries disagree.
How Can the Wealth Be Shared?
Conflicts between wealthy countries and developing, landlocked countries can occur over mining the ocean floor. In order to prevent these problems, you must create a compromise.
By: Sara Dombrowski
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