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Re-buttoned - Hungarian is in Fashion

No description

design terminal

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Re-buttoned - Hungarian is in Fashion

Re-buttoned- Hungarian is in Fashion What is it? Why pursue? A competition Not only the best entries of the 'Re-buttoned: Hungarian is in Fashion' competition, were staged, but 2012/2013 winter-fall collections of selected guest designers were presented to highlight the variety of Hungarian contemporary fashion. From established faces like Dora Konsanszky or Artista, through emerging talents as Dora Abodi, Kata Szegedi or Dora Mojzes to newcomers like the KEPP showroom or Nora Sarman showcased. A communication campaign with Because it is a special content
with an
. Gergely Böszörményi-Nagy
Strategy Director
bng@designterminal.hu Contact Competition Fashion shows Exhibitions Helps young designers' enter to the And contributes to the region's
Bigger and abroad: Our main goal is to become Central Europe Fashion Week international language international market cultural and economic income 2013 autumn 1000 registered candidates 8000 visitors 4800 online 700.000 television spectators Warsaw, Bucharest, Brussels... Hungarian and international media interest media campaign International buyers will be invited Regional cooperation with V4 countries aims: The main goal of the “Re-buttoned/ Hungarian is in Fashion” competition was to give talented young designers a source of inspiration in the richness of Hungarian clothing culture, and to make fashion the focus of communication.

Talented Hungarian designers benefited from the huge media campaign, while the attention of private equity and venture capital has also been drawn to fashion investment in this area. Competition A fashion show featuring the best entries of the competition
and the 2012/2013 AW collection of talented young designers Fashion shows and exhibitions Due to this succes, the event was followed by... in Hungary Attention to the region's potential in fashion industry Where? Warsaw Prague Bratislava Vienna Ljubljana Budapest innovation creativity economical potential
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