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The Roman legions

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Christopher Mothersill

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of The Roman legions

The Roman Legions
What Legionaires Wore
The Legionaires' standard weapons were a rectangular shield, a short sword, and a dagger. They wore on their bodies a metal jacket, a belt, a helmet, a kilt, a shirt, and "hobnailed" sandals.
Who Served in The Roman Legions
The Roman Legion was composed entirely of Roman citizens.
Every citizen was trained in arms.
Every citizen was liable to be called up to join.
The common period for a Roman infantry was 20 years.
After this they were given land and money and were discharged.
Every free born citizen was a soldier.

Size of the Imperial Legion

Roman Legion Ranks
Republican Period Legion
During the Republican period, the legion size was not absolute and there were some variations.
The standard legion, though, was 4000 infantry and 200 Calvary.

The size of one imperial legion was usually 4800 men.
It was divided into smaller groups called a cohort which were 480 men each.
Then it was divided further into a century with 80 men and a squad with 8 men each.

Legatus Legionis
The "Legatus Legionis" was the person in charge of the whole legion. He was usually appointed by the emperor and had experience in the army.
The "Tribunus Laticlavius" was usually the second in command of the legion. He usually had less experience than the Legatus.
Tribunus Laticlavius
The "Praefectus Castrorum" was the third in charge of the legion. He was usually a long serving veteran who had been promoted through the ranks over time.
Praefectus Castrorum
There were 5 "Tribuni Angusticlavii" in each legion. They usually held career offices and served many important administrative tasks but did, also, serve in tactical command during engagement.
Tribuni Angusticlavii
The Primus Pilus was the commander of each cohort, or 480 men. There were usually around 10 of them.
Primus Pilus

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