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Black Beauty

Great Illustrated Classics

Christopher Josephson

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Black Beauty

Black Beauty By:Anna Sewell This is a picture of the bookcover 1977 C Movie trailer of Black Beauty Picture of horses on a farm The main character is Black Beauty Important words in this book are This is a picture of a horse buggy This is a picture of a stable These are pictures of the movie cover and Black Beauty Pros Cons 1.Black Beauty has
to get broken in (ADj)
1.Broken in is an important word because Black Beauty has to get broken in to get sold She starts out
with two nice
owners 1. This is a picture of the author The problem is that Black
Beauty keeps on getting
sold. The solution is that Black
Beauty ends up with a owner
she had earlier in the book. 2.Groomer is an important word because there is groomers in the book. (Noun) Genera of this book is adventure Our Critique This is a map of New York This is a view of New York 3.Thief is an important word because Black Beauty got taken because one of her owners got taken to jail. Our Summary This story is told in first person because it uses the word I like in I went with her. The problem in the story is that Black Beauty keeps getting sold.It all started when Black Beauty is with an owner and she has to broken in to be sold.She gets sold and she keeps getting sold and then she starts getting to farmers who have groomers.Then the first groomer that she had was arrested and the owner to .A thief stole Black Beauty when the owner the groomer got token to jail.Then at the end of the book Black Beauty gets sold to a family nice who keeps her for a long time. (Noun) 4.Sold is an important word because she keeps getting sold (Verb) The reason that I rated the book at a nine is because it is a book that someone keeps getting sold and doesn't know if it is going to be a nice owner of a mean owner My critique from 0-10 I would rate it a 5.8
because the adventure is not to active Julia Christopher I rate this book at a 9 2.She got stolen At the end of the book she was with on of her first owners 2. Black Beauty gets broken in Black Beauty gets sold to a mix of good and bad owners She keeps getting sold She meets Merrylegs is a horse Story Chronology Black Beauty and merrylegs keep going on together It's a happy ending
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