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Current-traditional, process, and post-process approaches to teaching writing

This presentation gives an overview of the different ways writing studies scholars have approached the development of writing ability in students over the last 50-100 years.

Roger Graves

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of Current-traditional, process, and post-process approaches to teaching writing

Note the overlapping time periods for each of the three approaches--all are in use today
And one more thing...
What theory of teaching writing informs your attitude to writing?
Which theories speak to writing in your discipline?
Current-traditional, process, post-process approaches to teaching writing
Current = still used
traditional = over 100 years old
from education researchers (Britton et al, 1975)
from composition (writing) researchers (Emig, 1971)
focus on process of creating a text--iterative
focus on revision as re-seeing the text
focus on discovery/invention
context as important
recognition of instability of signifiers
meaning inherent in social act
genre, not form, is a socially-developed action
we are written by the text, not the other way around
Process approach
Post-process approaches
focus on the text
focus on forms of writing: a description, a narration, an exposition, a persuasive paper
focus on correctness: usage, grammar, standard edited English
skill and drill
parts of speech
managerial attitude
form over (communicative) function
correctness paramount
focus on finding topics to write about
develop what you want to say into a longer text
freewrite, brainstorm, idea mapping
drafting and revision--turn in all your drafts
grade the process in addition to the product
focus on communicative acts, not forms
locate writing assignment in social context
locate "good" writing in the context of the writing
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