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Argentina Marriage Customs

No description

Cassie Guilfoyle

on 27 April 2015

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Transcript of Argentina Marriage Customs

Argentina Marriage Customs
couples in love decide they want to get married, nothing elaborate just a simple , mutual decision
Both the mothers of the bride and groom take leading roles in the arrangements
Parents of bride still pay for most of the wedding
a girls father may be asked for her hand in marriage as a courtesy but not expected
No engagement rings, but wedding rings worn on right hand until wedding day then swapped on wedding day
Pre Marriage Traditions
First, a wedding shower is planned by the brides family and friends. With the groom also having a similar party

Typical wedding venue
Couples First dance typically a waltz
Groom's mother and bride's father walking her down the aisle
Bride and Groom surrounded by family
The bride wears several garters under her gown that she gives away one by one to single women
Several ribbons carrying trinkets are tied in a wedding cake and just before its cut an eaten the single women pull and see who finds the hidden ring
Another tradition is to open the presents at the ceremony and in front of the guests
tends to be a white wedding dress but depends on the faith of the families
A catholic and Christian wedding attire would be a white dress, full viel and bouquet
Usually underneath it will commonly be a blue petticoat as her "something blue"
due to the Catholic Church holding heavy influence with many ceremonies being held at churches
The wedding rites take part within a special mass or sermon that vary in length
not customary to have bridesmaids or groomsmen
Most weddings start around 9pm and continue throughout the entire night with a breakfast around 6am.
the couple walks down the aisle accompanied by the mother ofthe groom and father of the bride.
With the family being very prominent
Mate Selection
Free choice
Catholic church very influential so divorce is strongly opposed
Marriage is a very important institution
Most live at home until marriage
Average age for men to marry is 25.6 and women 23.3
Lasts the whole night with a breakfast in the morning ending the festivities
speeches are not a feature although there are plenty of toasts to the couple
There is a feast usually consisting of mostly meat and the desert usually being a popular ice cream or helado
The conga and tango are popular dances
"Handmade with Love"
couples and there families often hand craft many aspects of the wedding day purely because it is cheaper
a wedding in Argentina doesn't just have a hand-made focus but hands on one as well with as many family members involved as possible
Next is the stag and hen, which basically consists of ritual humiliation and nudity.
Final step is a low-key formal ceremony at the registry office with family in tow.
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