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King George III

By Kyndra, Mikayla, and Sam Using this for our presentation in History class..

Samantha Fogal

on 28 March 2011

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Transcript of King George III

King George III After the Revolutionary War... Interesting Facts... Influential in the formation of our country? Known as Farmer George King George III's proper name... Defeat Sanity was questioned Son took over power Death Very influential Known as "Farmer George"
Went mad--Porphyria?
Real Name
Death Defeat Sanity was questionable Very Influential.
Laws are based on his mistakes. Defeat Sanity questionable Power control Death Jobs he had? How'd he become king? Because of his father's (Frederick Prince of Wales) death while his father (King George II) was still alive.
His son was next in line for the throne. Making him King George III :D none! Was he Part of the revolutionary War? King George III created many acts to tax the colonists during The Revolutionary War. The Stamp Act -taxed on all paper items The Sugar Act -taxed on all tea materials -made colonists angry The Quartering Act -soldiers could enter home What was his childhood like? --Because the U.S. won, people thought that it would have hurt King George III But instead, it actually made King George III more popular Born June 4, 1738
in London, England Was he part of our Constitution?? Pretty smart kid At 12 years old, his father passed away nope not really George's Love Life (; King George III married the day he met her! The couple had 15 children 3 kids succeeded to the throne In Conclusion...
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