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Washington Irving & The Devil and Tom Walker

No description

JP Lafferty

on 10 November 2013

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Transcript of Washington Irving & The Devil and Tom Walker

The Devil and Tom Walker
Washington Irving
Irving was an American author, biographer, histroian, and diplomat.

Some of his most popular works are The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Rip Van Winkle. His historical works include biographies on George Washington and Oliver Goldsmith.
Interesting Facts
Irving was named after George Washington.

He was a US Ambassador to Spain.

He was the first American writer to be recognized over seas.

Plot of the Story
The Devil and Tom Walker takes place in New England, in 1824.
-Tom has a terrible relationship with wife
-Desire for money
-Takes stroll in dark woods
-Meets black man in woods who says he is the paton of witch hunts, etc.
Summary Continued
-Tom knows this strange person is the devil, and the devil tries to make a deal with him
-Devil tells him of buries treasure that he will exchange to Tom for something
-Tom refuses and goes home to tell his wife
-His wife gets mad and goes to try to make a deal with the devil
Summary Continued
-His wife is gone for days, so Tom goes to look for her in the woods
-All he finds is her heart and insides in her apron
-Tom is indifferent to her death and seeks out the devil to make a deal

Summary Continued
- The devil tells him to become a usurer, which is a loaner of money for a profit
- He becomes a money-hungry
Characterization is the creation and developement of a character and is a common theme throughout The Devil and Tom Walker. It is demonstrated in two forms: directly and indirectly.
Influence of Historical Period
The desire for wealth during this time of the story helps the plot because the two characters in the story, Tom and his wife, are both so money-hungry they try to make deals with the devil. The greed for money is a major part in the srory.
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