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No description

malia pryor

on 2 April 2015

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Transcript of Bullying

Rumors are a form of bullying
Statistics and Facts.
What to do if rumors take over your life.

. Self Control.
. Attention to yourself.
. live your life.
. Do what you love to do.
.51% of teens experience negativity on social media.
.85% without no intervention.
.Every 7min on the playground.
.20% admit action as bullying.
.75% shooting linked to bullying.
By Federal agencies.
Rumors are a piece of information or a story that has not been verified
Can rumors be bullying?
What are rumors?
Ignore and Walk Away.

Hold the Anger
Talk about it
http;//village of south elgin,IL.April 20,1897
The critera for bullying is that it must be
targeted at an individual
intended to do harm

Targeted at an individual
usually precieved to have less power
often seen as being a shy and quiet individual
may not look like they fit in
Intending to do harm
spreading untrue statements about a person
intentions of ruining repuations
enjoy hurting the individuals feelings
generally repeated among a school, workplace, or even hometown
by being repeated, more people will believe what they heard and will continue to speread the rumors themselves
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