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Peasantry in the Caribbean

No description

Charles Xavier

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of Peasantry in the Caribbean

Another Step to FREEDOM Peasantry in the Caribbean WHAT IS PEASANTRY Peasantry, also known as peasant farming is a system where goods were cultivated and animals were reared on a small scale for the purpose of sustainence through consumption and resale. The Difficulties of Peasantry Peasantry was more than a mere survival technique. The Development of Peasantry With growing scale and networks, peasantry in some islands developed to such large extents that they were eventually established as important industries and economic entities. Peassantry started way before the abolition of Slavery and was practiced by the Maroons in Jamaica and the Bush Negroes in Guyana and Suriname Peasantry was also developed on the slave plantations themselves so as to subsidize for the inadequate amounts of food often given to slaves for their upkeep. Once slavery was ended, ex-slaves and Indian Indentured Labourers also involved themselves in Peasantry Peasant farming changed the agricultural face of the islands, enabling a transition from
Monoculture to Agricultural Diversification Peasantry Empowered the Slaves. The Difficulties of Slavery Peasant farmers had to scrounge for land Rent for land was too high for farmers Available land was of poor quality The Difficulties of Peasantry The peasantry faced stiff competition for market and labour : From remaining estates From non-agricultural activities From migration
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