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anna a

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of Love

what is the meaning of love for teens?
What is Love in
today's society?
What is love in different cultures?
Individualistic cultures:
like Untied states or Canada
feelings of excitement
feelings of attraction
you are still an individual
Collectivist cultures:
found in many Asian countries
the person has to be good with the extended family
they have to have good income
You aren't an indivual
"In collectivist cultures they expect love to grow over time in a marriage" (Cohen para 6 of 7)
"Love is bigger than you are.
You can invite love but you
cannot dictate how, when, and where love expresses itself."
(Anapol, Para 2 of 10)
Five Theories on Today's Meaning of Love
The Physicist: 'Love is Chemistry'
The Psychotherapist: 'Love has Many Guises'
The Philosopher: 'Love is a Passionate Commitment'
The Romantic Novelist: 'Love Drives all the Great Stories'
The Nun: 'Love is Free yet Binds us.
Al-Khalili, Perry, Baggini, Moyes, Wybourne, Para 5
there are many meanings for love in teens. Love is being there for someone, staying for someone who needs you to be with them cause they have been hurt. Love is not just holding hands having sex, talking or texting... its about seeing each other for who they are an caring for one another even if they are miles apart. the meaning of love for most teens today is when you feel something special for a certain someone because you know they are there for you no matter what, seeing the person you love smile brings you happiness an joy cause you know that, that person is either thinking about you or just happy to be with you... you bring joy to another persons life just by giving them love and attention. love is a strong passionate feeling you have for someone that gives you butterflies in your tummy, you argue you break up and make up with that one person you truly love an care about cause they mean a whole lot to you than you know and realize.
S, Sara. "Stay Teen Comments Policy." Stay Teen. N.p., 09 Aug. 11. Web. 09 Jan. 2014.
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