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Women's Rights

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Manisha Walia

on 14 June 2016

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Transcript of Women's Rights


Alicia, Bernice, Danielle,
Manisha, and Rhiannon

What does your topic stand for?
Who does it affect and what is the point behind it?
Why did it come about?
Historical Overview
How are the issues of the past manifested in society today?
Issues of the past
in society today
Impact on our lives today
Extent of Success
Ways of achieving change
Significant lessons
Importance of studying
past movements
Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton were barred from attending the World Anti-Slavery Convention held in London. This prompts them to hold a Women's Convention in the US.

Women are able to attend college and train for professions.
Women can enter previously male dominated professions like law, medicine, clergy and corporate.

More educational opportunities lead women to sense their potential for meaningful professional careers.
Salaries are increased but not to the amount that men receive.

Women have the right to vote.
The right of citizens are not denied on account of sex.

Women’s rights have progressed greatly, but there is still a long way to go. They can:
obtain a job
get a divorce
vote and more
Yes, there have been many laws implemented to assure that women do not face any discrimination because of their gender, like the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, but Iran, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Tonga, the Vatican City, AND the United States have yet to sign.
Success In Developed Countries
get paid anywhere from 62-77 cents a man would
very little women in positions of power eg. CEOs or mayors

In Developing Countries
genital mutilation, honor killings, slavery, forced prostitution and marriage, restricted freedom of movement, being the subject of harassment by “morality squads”, and infanticide.

There is sexual discrimination between men and women in many countries.
Women's rights promote a position of legal, economic, and social equality among the sexes.
Eg. the right of bodily integrity and autonomy, the right of voting, the right of working, the right of birth control and education.
Chinese Foot Binding
2012 Delhi Rape Case
Jyoti Singh Pandey → 23-year-old → beaten and gang raped in a private bus
Six rapists including a 17 year old
13 days later →transferred to a hospital in Singapore for emergency treatment
Died from her injuries two days later
Public protests for failing to provide adequate security for women took place in New Delhi
All the accused were arrested and charged with sexual assault and murder
Her life and death have come to symbolize women's struggle to end rape and the long-held practice of blaming the victim rather than the perpetrator

In some countries women are still victims of...
-child marriages
-domestic violence
-rape or gang rape
-honor killings
-female genital mutilation
-human trafficking
-acid attacks
-breast ironing
-bride burning
-forced abortions, pregnancy, prostitution and marriage

While in some countries this discrimination has gotten better but in a vast majority of third world countries it has not.
It’s hard to say when exactly the fight for women’s rights begins because it depends on the country.
To simply put it, the women's rights movement is advocating for women to be treated the same way as men. The aim of this movement is to eradicate sexism that is ever present in our society, laws and jobs. When you empower a women not only does she feel the benefits, but so can the men.
Who does women's rights effect? Everyone. Obviously, women's rights were made to help and protect a women's rights, but there are many ways in which men will benefit when gender roles are removed.
Social justice is the full participation and inclusion of all people in society, together with the promotion and protection of their legal, civil and human rights. It is important to study the past because people need social justice to achieve and get what they want and deserve. For example, if the people do not like how their government is handling certain situations they are able to protest for change.
Men were put on some pedestal while women were supposed to stay in the sidelines.
Numerous issues still exist in all areas, ranging from the cultural, political to the economic
Women and young girls are often the ones that suffer the most poverty.
Gender discrimination affects girls and women throughout their lifetime.
eg. Women are paid less for the same job.
This is the custom of applying painfully tight binding to the feet of young girls to prevent further growth.

19th century - 45% women had bound feet (almost 100% for upper class)
Done on girls from the age of 4-6
Involves alteration of the bone structure
They bend young girls' toes underneath the sole, using very long ribbons to wrap their feet all the way to the ankle.
They keep breaking the foot when it grew too large (took 2-3 years)
Feet are bound for the rest of the girl's life
Bound feet cause difficulty of movement, thus greatly limiting activities
They developed strong muscles in their hips, thighs, and butt.
Women deserve the same degree of respect as men.
Appreciate what women have fought for over the years and know that they did it for women in the future (us)
Learn and understand more of the sacrifices and hardships that some have had to endure in different countries.
Challenge discriminatory social norms
Government leaders say that they want change but since there are more males in it, significant changes are hard to achieve.
Women and girls have been working together and have repeatedly demonstrated that advances in their rights have been achieved because feminist groups and social movements have pushed for them. Funding is one of the main issues of organizations being able to achieve change, because it is hard to get companies and even the government to help.

There is a narrow understanding of gender equality in education and it also ignores informal education outside of school. Ways to promote girls’ education by...
Getting equal numbers of boys and girls into school
More consideration of what happens to girls(and boys) within school
How they are taught and what they are taught
Terms of safety in school
Economic value of educating girls to reduce poverty instead of talking in terms of girls’ rights of education
The role it could possibly play in helping girls realize their rights for later on as an adult women

The woman suffrage movement in Seneca Falls, New York was when the first Women’s Rights Convention was held.
eg. 66% of the world's illiterate adults are women.
NWSA and AWSA merge and the National American Woman Suffrage Association is formed.
First Birth Control Clinic opened in Brooklyn, NY
The Famous Five person’s case declared women persons
under law in Canada
The Pregnancy Discrimination Act formed in the US
The Violence Against Women Act formed in the US
List of Women's Rights Organizations Globally
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