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Why I Should Get My Phone Back

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Kate Smith

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of Why I Should Get My Phone Back

By Kate Smith Why I Should Get My Phone Back Introduction As everyone here knows I got my phone taken away a few weeks ago. I got my phone taken away a few weeks ago because I downloaded a app on my cell phone without getting permission.. Well, man have I learned a HUGE LESSON. The lesson I have learned will come later on. First, we are going to get to the reasons of why i should get my phone back! Sit back, listen, think, and enjoy this presentation. Ok. Now that everyone knows what is going on i am going to give my reasons of why i should get my phone back.
You guys don't even have to give me my smart phone back. I have found 2 new phones that we already have. A pink was that looks like this ------>
or a raspberry one that looks like this ------>
Both are not smart phones so it will be easier to trust me with them. The very last reason i should get my phone back is because I know I have said this before and i'm sure your sick of hearing it but I really truly have learned my lesson. Yah, i'm not a sweet little perfect child, I make mistakes nobodys perfect, but if your wondering well does she even know the lesson she learned? Truth is I do!
The lesson I have learned from this experience is that it's never a good thing to lie. You get soooo much taken away when all I had to do was come and ask you guys if i could download it. I could have soo many more things such as facebook if only I would stop lieing and just ask you. Because you guys aren't always going to say No. I don't know what you are going to say until I ask. Now you see I really have learned my lesson and I really truly would love if you would take this all into consideration and just realize hey she is growing up and she is trieing to do the right thing. Maybe we should just give her one more chance. :)
I have learned a lot with having all of my technology taken away! I know that this is a lot to think about but all I am asking for is for you to really think about this!!!! Please! I really want my phone back even if it's not my smart phone and just to teach me a lesson you can give me one of the other phones i showed before. Please! Love Your Sweet Daughter Kate :) kk
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