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The Differences Between Digital and Traditional Marketing Practices

The Marketing Mix- Product, Price, Place, Promotion, People and Process

Emma Gleeson

on 24 July 2013

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Transcript of The Differences Between Digital and Traditional Marketing Practices

The Differences between Digital & Traditional Marketing Practices
Products are now available in a digital medium as well as that of the physical medium.
Dvd's Streaming
Books eBooks
CD's MP3
Magazine Online Magazine

Pricing is competitive in marketing practices. The consumers need to compare pricing for most products and services to guarantee the best price.
Digitally we use research through comparison websites and in traditional means we compare through window shopping and in store/multiple store price comparisons.
Digitally we use the internet and websites to market and shop online. The website is usually ran from a single location and stock is then distributed from a warehouse.

Stores are usually visited by the consumers and products bought and taken at the location.
Digital marketing and sales are self service based allowing the consumer access to complete the process of shopping/services for themselves. We have online banking, travel plans e.g.: booking flight/ hotels etc

Traditionally these are done through the assistance of an employee e.g : Bank Teller, travel agent, sales assistant etc
Allocating staff members to digital marketing and monitoring as would be also done through a marketing team for traditional marketing. For most businesses these should be working as an integrated team and harmonize marketing both practices.

The security of consumer client payment is another factor as consumers/clients have concerns about privacy and security of their personal information.

This makes accounts and payment information a necessary security process for the business and client / consumer.
Digital Promotion
Social Media Sites
Online advertising
Mobile Marketing
eMail Marketing
Traditional Promotion
Newspapers, magazines
Print Advertising
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