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Traveling with Linear Equations

No description

Sid Miller

on 15 February 2013

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Transcript of Traveling with Linear Equations

Traveling with Linear Equations By: Sid Miller Joe and his family love to travel around the world and take vacations. Unfortunately, something will always go wrong when they travel. In spite of the constant mishaps, he continues to adventure around the world. He is determined to have a great time and not spend too much money this time! Joe gets a flat tire on his way to the airport in Atlanta. And he doesn't have any spare tires. So, he needs to get a tow. The base cost of the tow is $500. They also charge an extra $100 for every thousand pounds. x= number of pounds in thousands
y= total cost y=(100)x+500
The total cost of the tow will be $1,000 Joe finally gets to the airport. But he forgot to buy his tickets online! So he and the other five members of his family need to order tickets to Paris, France. Each plane ticket costs $1,000. Joe must also pay a baggage fee of one-hundred dollars. Conflict one:
Flat Tire Conflict Two:
Got Tickets? y=1,000x+100
y=$6,100 x= number of members with you
y= total cost of plane trip Conflict Three:
Air food Anyone? Finally, Joe and his family fly out of the airport. They only have on problem. They are really hungry. Joe decides to buy lunch for him and his family members. Air food costs $5 per order. He also decides to leave a tip of five dollars. x= number of meals
y= total cost of air meal y=5x+5
y=$35 Conflict Four:
Shelter Shuffle Joe and his family finally arrives is Paris. But before he goes sight seeing, they must rent a hotel room. His family decides to stay in a fancy hotel that charges $200 per night and they will be staying there for a week. But they must also pay an additional $50 so they can have access to the pool. y= total cost of hotel x= number of days stayed at the hotel y=200x+50
y=$1,450 Conflict Five:
This isn't what I meant... Joe and his family had a great time in Paris. But sadly, they have to fly home now. As they arrive in Georgia, they realize they went to the wrong Georgia! Now they must pay for six tickets in addition to the ones the bought to Georgia, each costing $600. But as Joe gets back to Atlanta, Georgia, he finds three-hundred dollars on the ground and puts it against the total cost of the plane trip. x=number of plane tickets bought
y=total cost of plane trip back y=600+(-300)
y=$6,900 Oh Well...
Better luck next time!
(Total cost of trip: $15,485) x axis y axis x axis y axis x axis y axis Graph is this way! Joe's family spends $1,450 at their stay at the hotel. The total cost of the plane tickets will be $6,100. x axis y axis x axis y axis The final cost of the air food is $35.
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