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Careers Services at NZSE

No description

Richard Doolan

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of Careers Services at NZSE

There are 4 scheduled workshops throughout your course - detailing areas of CV building, job applications, interview preparation, & interview techniques
1-to-1 Appointments
Careers Services will help you through pre-arranged 1-to-1 appointments outside your class time
Industry Exposure
Careers Services gives you the chance to interact with industry companies and people
What you can do...
CV Preparation
We will show you the basics to preparing a CV that gets noticed - a CV that highlights your skillset and qualifications, and a CV that is different and relevant to you as an individual. We will show you some of the tricks to presenting a CV that moves you into the "yes" pile!
Job applications
We will help you organize your time and priorities around job selection and application - what to look for, how to structure your application and cover letter, and how to apply for jobs while keeping track of your applications
Interview Preparation
Careers Services will workshop with you interview preparation - how to research a company, what you should be looking for, how to prepare yourself for questions that you might be asked, and how to show yourself in the best 'light' to help you get that job you want
Careers Services is the department of NZSE that works to make you "job ready" - we help you with all aspects of your soft skill development to make sure you take advantage of job opportunities when they arise.
Careers Services
CV Review
A full review of your CV, including content and layout - an opportunity to discuss what your CV is showing, and what further impact could be generated
Job Market
A discussion around what jobs are in the job market, and the opportunities for you for part-time or full-time work within your chosen industry
Personal Preparation
A 1-to-1 appointment that discusses your personal goal-setting & confidence, prepares you for a role that you might have applied for, and gives you the opportunity to ask questions to make sure you stand out positively in a selection process
Practice Interviews
A 1-to-1 meeting where you have the chance to have a practice interview for any job - the chance to gain valuable insight into how the interview process is run for different companies, and how best to manage the questions and answers
The Interview
- helping you with techniques that you can show in the interview to get you the job you want...

A workshop that gives you the chance to 'break the ice' and practice and prepare for the interview process in large and small companies
Off-site Visits
A chance to see first-hand how companies operate and where yiou might be working when you graduate
Industry Guest Speakers
Careers Services books Industry speakers to engage your tutorial on relevant information and trends - as well as advice on what they are seeking from their employees and people who apply for jobs with them
Sometimes, if you are excelling in your course of study, Careers Services will give you the opportunity to be an intern with a small/medium-sized commercial business - you must be achieving at a high level in your course to have this as an option towards the end of your studies
Careers Services & Student Services will help you by alerting you to events that take place throughout the year in the commercial marketplace that may be good for you to familiarize yourself with - information and knowledge and connection with the appropriate industry sectors and employers
Attend Workshops
Build a "living CV"
Get excited about adding other soft skills to your character and development
Make an appointment to come and see Careers Services
Make your own moves
Careers Services is here to help
However, you must do some of your own work
We will give you the opportunity - it is your decision whether to take it or not
Careers Services works alongside you to help you develop, not INSTEAD of you
Please call or email or make a time to meet should you need our support
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