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Kliphoogte Stone Fruit Farm

No description

Coetzee van Staden

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of Kliphoogte Stone Fruit Farm

Only one packing line - less flexibility
Facility layout
Capacity = Maximum 46 tons/day (2 shifts)
Risks and mitigation
Electrical shutdowns - Generator
Pre-packing storage
2 Packing lines (Identical)
Post-packing storage

The Enterprise
Market Analysis
Packing Facility
To be Africa’s world-class provider of quality plums and apricots for local and international customers.
Grow, package, and provide high-quality stone fruit products at competitive prices to the consumer market through innovation and value added services.
A commitment to innovation and excellence.
Market Objectives
Revenue Maximization
Investment Cost (per year)
Establishment cost per year - R100000/ha
Highest interest rate in South Africa - FNB 5 year fixed deposit at 6.5% EAR
Projected profit
Key Performance Indicators and Visual Management
Coupon system
Sticker system
Total sales (per market)
Profit margin
Return on investment
Total expenses
Expansion Potential
Enterprise Business Canvas
Yield per hectare
Percentage non-conforming fruit per hectare
Expenses per hectare
A commitment to exceptional product quality.
A commitment to sustainability and following environmentally friendly practices.
A commitment to eliminating waste and creating value addition for all products and services.
Operational cost - R100,000.00/ha
Income - Projected sales
Financial strategy
Market Segments
Spread capital investment over 3 year period.
Develop the enterprise over a 4 year period.
Minimises the investor's risk
Return on invest - 16.68% over 15 year period.
Market Structure
Mass Markets: high volume, low margin goods
Highly Competitive
World plum export percentages
Market Niche
Market Leader
Market Follower
Market Challenger
Market Position
Bio fuel Energy
Waste -> Profit
Expand into further International Markets
National Growth
International Growth
Market Share
Consumer Focus
Product Focus
Social Responsibility
Overcome Competitors
Shareholder Value
Multiple Segments: appealing to wider range of groups
Single Segments: often a specialised product
The nature of the market structure determines the marketing strategy e.g. pricing, branding, product differentiation, direct selling, market penetration etc.
Increased/decreased automation on the lines
Buy second hand equipment (e.g. forklifts)
Mechanical shutdowns - Maintenance plan
Logistical (unreliable transportation companies) - increased storage area

Stone Fruit Farm



Financial Analysis
Projected cash flow
Projected distributable earnings
Adjusted for inflation
Focus on quality
Value added services
Continuous improvement/expansion
Market dominance
New packing warehouse
Altered packing processes
Standardised equipment
Greater flexibility
Return on investment
Projected accumulated profit
ROI - 16.68%
Repay loan in 10 years.
Break even point - 4 years.
Positive cash flow after 7 years.
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