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Environmental Packaging

In pairs we created this presentation to try and convince others to package common products differently. We had to make sure we included an image of current packaging and new idea "package", why change is important to the environment, and why the old way

Taylor Mallory

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Environmental Packaging

Environmental Packaging Bamboo
Silverware Plastic
Silverware What are some differences? Some differences would be bamboo silverware is reusable and is made directly from the tree. The bamboo doesn't have to be thrown away because it's 100% reusable. It also is biodeegradeable so it can decompose if it's disposed onto land unlike plastic silverware because if you throw that outside an animal could choke. It is also a waste of plastic because there are much more uses for plastic thats more important if they already have reusable metal and bamboo silverware but bamboo just saves less metal. How does it help the environment? Bamboo silverware helps the environment by it being reusable mainly. Another reason would be it can decompose into the ground to help the soil, ground water, and air. It is also good for insects in the ground who can help break it down for minerals to make the soil better. It also gives nutrients to the water to make it more natural. The bamboo also gives out more oxygen for the air and sucks up carbon monoxide.
Can it be put to the same use? Yes it still can be used the same way because bamboo silverware can still be used as forks, knives, spoons, and more tools used in the kitchen. They are less likely to break then plastic silverware also.
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