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How does Stanley change in Holes?

No description

Katie Hobster

on 21 October 2012

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Transcript of How does Stanley change in Holes?

LO: To order ideas and select key quotes on the character of Stanley Planning an essay on 'Holes' LO: To order ideas and select key quotations on the character of Stanley As time has gone on Stanley has become more confident... All: Will have made four key POINTS about how Stanley changes in the book

Most: Will have selected four key QUOTATIONS to reinforce their POINT

Some: Will start to EXPLAIN why the author the wants the reader to think about Stanley changing.

You need to:

Think about where this comes in the book.
What happens before and after it?
You have 2 minutes to write down as many things that you can infer from the quote. Starter Place your quotation in the right place on the board.

Give your 3 best points about what you think is inferred by the quotation

Feed back to the class You are going to write a report on Stanley Yelnats' progress at Camp Green Lake.

Imagine that you are a teacher at Camp Green Lake. You need to write formally because this report will be sent home to Stanley's family. On your own-in your books Evidence for this is:

-the other boys giving him a nickname
-he finds digging the holes easier
-he becomes good friends with Zero
-he actually stands up to Zigzag and has a fight with him
-he learns how to make the most of his 4 minute showers.

Title: Planning an essay on 'Holes' In your pairs you have been given a quotation from 'Holes'. Key word: infer
What you think it means and why you think that. 2 minutes Lollipop stick 1: did they put it in the right place?

Lollipop stick 2: add one more thing that you could say about this quotation. What was Stanley like when he first arrived at Camp Green Lake? Choose a quotation, or find your own:
"He'd promised to write to his mum every week"

"Stanley thought about the long miserable bus ride and felt a little sorry for the guard and the bus driver."

"Stanley tried to pretend he was going to Camp Fun and Games." Sentence starter:
When Stanley first arrived at Camp Green Lake he was...

He didn't have many friends.
He is fat.
He is not very confident.
He is polite.
He cares about other people.
He worries about his mum.
He doesn't know what Camp Green Lake is actually like.
When Stanley arrived at Camp Green Lake he was shy and polite. He even felt sorry for the bus driver. It took him a while to settle in to Camp Green Lake because it was not what he was expecting. I think that he expected it to be like a Camp for rich children, but instead it is a Camp for Young Offenders, and there is no lake! The thought of having to dig holes in the heat scared Stanley because he was overweight and didn't like exercise.

I think that digging the holes will be character building for him because he is lacking in confidence and he needs to toughen up!
Try to find your own quotations
This will get you to the higher levels. Unfortunately, Stanley has perhaps become more confident than he should be. This might be because the other characters are influencing him within the camp. When Zero ran away Stanley stole the water truck and drove it into a hole before he also ran away. He had been warned by a member of staff that if he decided to run away he had very little chance of surviving due to the lack of water and the heat of the sun. Make a point about Stanley:

Back it up with evidence:

Explain what this means about his character: When Stanley first came to Camp
Green Lake he was shy and polite. He even felt sorry for the bus driver that had driven him to the camp, and he came prepared with stationary so that he could write home to his mum. He always puts other people first and tries to make the best out of a bad situation even though he was innocent of the crime. If you were Stanley's parents would you feel happy with the first report?

Would you feel slightly concerned about the second report?

How would you feel when you read the third report?

Feed back from your partner Highlight on your partners work if they:

Made their own points? (P)
Used quotations? (Q)
Used their own quotations? (OQ)
Explained their point? (E)
Used formal language? (FL)
Traffic light colours at the back of your planners for feed back Made their own points?
Used quotations?
Used their own quotations?
Explained their point?
Used formal language?
Write one sentence to say how they could improve their work Why do you think that the author shows the change in Stanley throughout the book? Has your opinion of Stanley changed?
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