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Negative Factors Causing Depletion Of The Flora And Fauna

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Dhaya Mathew

on 7 June 2014

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Transcript of Negative Factors Causing Depletion Of The Flora And Fauna

What is flora and fauna????
Flora is the plant life occurring in a particular region or time, generally the naturally occurring or indigenous—native plant life.There are about 47,000 species in India.

Fauna is all of the animal life of any particular region or time.There are about 81,000 species in India.
Mining is another important factor behind depletion .
Eg:- The Buxa Tiger reserve in west Bengal is seriously threatened by the on going dolomite mining .It has disturbed the natural habitat of many species and blocked the migration route of several others, including the Great Indian Elephant.

Grazing and fuel wood collection is another factor depletion. A substantial part of the fuel - fodder demands is met by looping rather than by felling entire trees.

Habitat destruction,hunting, poaching, over exploitation,environmental pollution, poisoning, and forest fires are factors.
Over population is often sited as cause of environmental degradation.
Eg :- An average american consumes 40 times more resources than average Somalian.Similarly, richest five per cent of India society probably cause more ecological damage because of the amount they consume than the poorest 25%.

Spreading of chemicals (herbicides, pesticides) can kill plants and animals or can kill the organisms they need for food.

Changing patterns of temperature and precipitation due to global climate change.The rate of marine biodiversity loss is higher today than ever before, with various species struggling to adapt to the changes inflicted on their habitat by humans.
Eg :- Sea Turtle- Climate change threatens the offspring of sea turtles,
The biological loss is strongly correlated with the loss of cultural diversity. Such loses have increasingly Marginalised and impoverished many indigenous and other forest-dependent communities, who directly depend on various components of forest and wildlife for food, drink,medicine etc.

Within poor,women are affected more than men. In many societies, women bear the major responsibility of collection of fuel, fodder, water and other basic substance needs. AS these resources are depleted, the drudgery of women increases and sometimes they have to walk long distance which can cause serious health problems to them and negligence of home and children because of the increased hours of work.
What Are The Negative Factors That Cause Depletion Of The Fauna and Flora???
Direct Uses

Medicines etc

Indirect Uses

Forests help in the occurrence of rainfall by capturing of moisture in air. These affects the climate of an area.
Forests prevent flood and soil Erosion.
Forests increases the fertility of soil, help agriculture and maintain ecological balance. Forests and trees make an essential contribution to food security by helping to maintain the environmental conditions needed for agricultural production. They stabilize the soil, prevent erosion, enhance the land's capacity to store water, and moderate air and soil temperatures.
Forests provide shelter to wild animals and help recreation and wildlife.
The resources that we obtain directly or indirectly from the forest.
The greatest damage inflicted on indian forests was during the colonial period due to the expansion of the railways,agriculture,commercial land scientific forest tree and mining activities.
eg: Promotion of teak plantation damaged the natural forests in south India and Chir pine plantations in the Himalayas replaced the Himalayan oak and Rhododendron forest

Large scale development projects have also contributed significantly to loss of forest.
eg:- Clearing of forest still continuing with project like the Narmada Sagar project in Madhya Pradesh , which would inundate 40000 hectares of forest.

Railway Expansion
Himalayan Yew
Scientific name: Taxus Wallachiana is continuously depleted due to its medicinall value, a chemical substance called taxol is an anti-cancer drug and is obtained from its bark, twigs, roots, etc. It is found in various regions of Himachal Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh.
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