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Types of energy power plants

No description

Guillermo Fernández

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of Types of energy power plants

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Energie Power Plants Types of Nuclear Power Plant 'It produces most of th electricity that we use.
This type of plan includes a nuclear fission reactor that produces pressurised steam used to move a turbine.
It uses mainly Uranium Fosil Fuel Thermal Power Plant In this type of plant, water is heated by the heat produced from the combustion of coal or natural gas.
The steam produced is used to move a turbine that is connected to a generator Hydroelectric Power plants
This power plant transform the kinetik energy of the water onto electric energy by letting water pass through a turbine conected to a generator Wind power plants It uses the kinetik energy from the wind to move a rotor at the top of a tower Solar Power Plant Photovoltaic power plants transform th energy form the sun light directly in electricity by using pannels with photovoltaic cells Geothermal Power Plants This plants use heat that comes from the low levels of the earth. It can be used directly( for hot water and industrial uses) or inddirectly( for boiling water and generating energy by letting the steam pass through a generator. Solar Power Plants This plant uses the energy that comes from the sun. There are 2 types: photo thermal and photovoltaic.
In this plant, sun light is used to heat water, and the steam produced moves a turbine that generates energy. Biogas Thermal Power Plants It consist on using natural organic products thatare used as fuel. When you burnt it, water is heated and steam moves a turbine
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