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UCR talk, 13th Sept 2012

No description

Andrii Gryganskyi

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of UCR talk, 13th Sept 2012

Phylogeny of Entomophthoromycotina 1. What was done before was totally wrong

2. Placement among early diverging fungi

3. Broader phylogeny

4. Mol. phylogeny vs. morphology & ultrastructure

5. Ancestral state reconstruction

6. Divergence time Outline other fungi flagellates ENTOS Materials & methods ~20 isolates, 4 loci

AFToL data, GenBank for ~40 more taxa of Entos, ~20 chytrids, ~100 zygomycetes

38 non-molecular characters

ML, BI, MP and common sense

GARLI, RAxML, MrBayes, Mesquite, PAML, BEAST (and Beauty) SHAPE OF CONIDIA
- round
- elongated
- ovoid, pyriform MONOPHYLETIC

Kickxellomycotina - sister group, no any flagellates

5 major lineages

time of origin ~405 MYA

ancestor - Conidiobolus-like Conclusions TO EVERYBODY, even if they did not helped!
Particularly: to Rytas for everything, Blanka Shaw for help with database, Katalin Molnar and Bernie Ball for PCR and reagents, Carl Rothfels and Nimrod Rubinstein with substitution rates analysis, Michelle Gignac for SEM and TEM; Meredith Blackwell, Gregory Bonito, Jason Jackson, Anastasia Litvintseva, François Lutzoni, Marianela Rodrigues-Carres, Sujal Phadke and David Swofford for essential discussion, Bradley Mullens for insect identification, Tim James, Bo Huang, Kathie Hodge and Yan Wang for the sequences, Jason Stajich, Steven Ahrendt and Sofia Robb for programming and lots of other stuff. Thankfulness Andrii Gryganskyi and many other good people A. B. Jensen and J. Eilenberg 2001 Schizosachharomyces Conidiobolus thromboides Conidiobolus coronatus Coemansia Rhizopus Mucor Phycomyces Mortierella Ustilago Cryptococcus Coprinopsis Neurospora Aspergillus Batrachochytrium Spizellomyces Allomyces Gonapodia NJ tree 0.1 changes Scenarios for the flagella genes left:
1) less number of copies,
2) "pseudogenefication",
3) change of function?. Dynamics of fly infection occurrence, March-May 2012. Blue arrows - rains, red cross – end of epizooty. Number of infected flies Time Jensen et al. 1998 Gryganskyi et al. 2012 me, collecting conidia discharge previous molecular phylogenies Gryganskyi et al. 2012 Gryganskyi et al. 2012 reconstruction of ancestral conidium shape reconstruction of ancestral character states divergence time genome wide phylogeny, 481 orthologs
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