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Characteristics of a Memoir

No description

Marika Neto

on 1 February 2015

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Transcript of Characteristics of a Memoir

of a Memoir
The focus of a memoir is on the writer and their relationship between another person, place, animal or object.
A memoir focuses on a key aspect, theme, event, or choice in a life.

An autobiography focuses on the
trajectory of an entire life.
A memoir starts anywhere and can
nimbly move around in time and

A autobiography starts at the
beginning and progresses chronologically
to the end.
A memoir feels more personal; less
intense fact checking. (???)

An autobiography feels more like an
historical document; tons of fact-checking and very specific date/information.
A memoir strives for emotional

An autobiography strives for factual,
historical truths.
A memoir can be written by anyone.

An autobiography is typically written
by a famous person.
One Minute Quick Write:

What are characteristics of a memoir?

What questions should you be asking when reading and annotating a memoir?

What is the difference between a memoir and an autobiography?
A memoir is limited to a particular phase, time period, place, or reoccurring behavior
A memoir is one sided and is written
in the first person.
A memoir explains the significance of the relationship that they are writing about.
A memoir is not necessarily chronological, but the events are linked by a common thread.
Ask questions
React to what you read:
Do you agree with the author's choices?
Do you get frustrated with the co-dependent relationships?
Text-to-World Connections:
Think about what you are learning about addiction.
What correlations or discrepancies do you see in the book?
Define new words or concepts.
Track character patterns.
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