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APES Food and agriculture scavenger hunt

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Erni Koci

on 15 March 2014

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Transcript of APES Food and agriculture scavenger hunt

Product made from Tempeh
tempeh is made from Cultured organic soybeans that are bind together into cake form, also lactic acid and brown rice
Product(not produce) that likely contains GMO's
Example of produce that is a GMO

The benefits for corn to be a GMO is that it is insect, herbicide, and disease resistance. These resistances are good for humans, because they dont cause us to get diseases.

Golden Rice can end world hunger
Major Food Groups
Product from the farthest away possible
Miles: This is a product of china, it was imported by an asian company in Berkeley,cAL. Miles: 6546.71 M , then from CAL to JAX its 2364.75 M TOTAL=8911.46 M

KM: From China to Berkely its 10535.91 KM. Then from Berkely to JaX its 3805.70KM. Total=14341.61 Km

Oil Calculation: so i take 8911 and subtract 210 then i divde it by 5 which i get 1740.2. then i tae 210 and divide it by 6 and i get 35.
after i add 1740.2+35 and i get 1775.2 gallons
APES Food and agriculture scavenger hunt
Essential Vitamins &Minerals
Calcium,Chromium,iron,folate,vitamin a, magnesium,vitamin d,vitamin e,and zinc are some essential vitamins and minerals the body needs.
when you have deficiancy in iron-it causes anemia
deficiancy in vitamin a-causes night blindness
Deficiancy in iodine- causes goitre
Products that are "natural", 100%organic", "organic", and "made with organic materials"
meats Labeled "farm raised", "wild caught", "grain fed",organic, "hormone free"
Beef From Companies
Boar's head-beef Frankfurters.

Chicken From Companies
Most unusual meet
Bison top loin strip steak
Fish that is wild caught or farm raised
Mention of bycatch or dolphin free
dolphin Free LOGO

Bycatch-this/these fish are not wanted when there is fishing for a different or a specific fish
High Fructose Corn syrup
EGGS that are "cage free" and "organic"
cage free
Fair trade Certified LOGO
Rainforest Certified
Frog logo means shade grown
Baby food
all natural
this is in a plastic container. the advantages are that it can be recyclable, resealed. the disadvantages are that it uses alot of fossil fuels.
this is from freemont, michigan which is 770 miles away
this is in a glass container
advantages are that it can be microwaved
disadvantages are that its messy
this is from freemont, michigan which is 770 miles away
Heirloom variety
I asked several people how do they keep pests away and if they use pesticide, if not what. one of the answers was that they keep pests away by pesticides naturally and organic,.He said he uses msds(material safety data sheet. i asked one at the farmers market and they said that healthy soil and vibrant transplants, which are indeed more resilient to pests. At lowes they said they do use pesticides to keep away pests and you can see the different ways from the farmer market and lowes.
I asked the same people how do you fertilize and if they use chemicals,if not what. One response was that he does use chemicals but for organic he uses composting.the other person said that they do use chemicals and naturally depending on what they will fertilize, but he said that he uses chemicals because that's probably the best way to fertilize today.they also use worm castings
The most local product you can find
brewed and bottled in jax,florida
I asked one of the workers at publix and they said that this was one of the fewest things in the store that is local. the worker said that where it was brewed its probably close to 20-22 miles away, this publix store is located in mandarin.
KM:approximately 33.7 to 34.5 km
Oil: 6miles per gallon divided by 21 miles, it equals 0.28 miles per gallon
Most unusual produce
Romanesco Cauliflower
ADVANtages and disadvantages
Nitrogen-based Fertilizer
organic soil
Phosphorous-based fertilizer
general target(all insects)

PLant that protects against pests
its oils kill off pests
An 18 year old should be getting 6-11 servings per day to maintain a healthy body, they should be getting 3-5 servings per day on vegetables such as carrots,tomatoes. For fruits they should get between 2-4 fruits per day. Eat 2-3 servings with mean,poultry,or fish. 2-3 cups for milk And for oils they should use sparingly
Tofu contains Gmo because plants are genetically modified, tofu is made of soybeans and soybeans are plants. GMO is genetically modified organism.
Products that have the highest chance of containing gmos are soy sauce, tofu,sauces, cereals, ice creams
100 percent organic
Natural label
The difference between these labels are that when it has 100 percent organic,that means all ingredients are organic and the usda organic logo is used. when it is organic that means a minimum of 95 percent ingredients are organic and the usda organic logo is used. when it is made with organic materials, it means that 70-94 percent of product is organic and the usda logo is not used, When it is all natural it means that less than 70 percent of the product is organic and the word organic has to be on the ingredients
made with organic material
Industrial meat production is the slaughtering, processing, packaging, and distribution of animals such as cattle, pigs, sheep in factories. Animals are raised for these companies by getting growth hormones to make them grow faster

According to united nations raising animals for food uses 30 percent of earth's land mass. which consists of more than 260 million hectares of forest.for this amount its is very very small, probably 0.000003 percent of land mass from the 30 percent earlier.
It takes more than 2,400 gallons of water to produce 1 pound of meat and in my case it was about 2 pounds so its about 4,800 gallons of water.
For energy it takes about 32 kilowatt-hours per pound and mine is about 2 pounds so its 64 kilowatt-hours.

tyson Chicken
from the boar's head beef from last slide we said that 30 percent of earths land mass is used for raising animals. and in here, this tyson chicken is about 5 pounds and its probably just a little bit bigger, 0.0000035 percent of land mass from the 30 percent that is used for raising animals.

It takes more than 2,400 gallons of water to produce 1 pound of meat and in my case it was about 5 pounds so its about 12000 gallons of water.

For energy it takes about 32 kilowatt-hours per pound and mine is about 5 pounds so its 160 kilowatt-hours.
the positives for using this kinda meet is that it is very healthy for you. Buffalo which is known as bison is a relatively lean red meat that is high in protein and low in cholesterol
Pros for farm raised fish consists of lower chance for the fish to be exposed to harmful toxins. Also it doesnt hurt the population of fish
Cons for farm raised fish consists of diseases being spread from the parasites that can be contracted

Pros for wild caught fish consists of the higher nutrients it has, and its free
Cons for wild caught fish consists of harming the population from overfishing.
The debate about high fructose corn syrup is that the makers of these say that calorie is a calorie, and that it comes from corn but others say that sugar is sugar and is bad for you.
the pros and cons:
Pros-tastes sweet, cheap,longer shell life
Cons-empty calories, increases cholesterol and body fat,
the differences between these and regular eggs is that regular eggs dont give hens outside time and organic dont give antibotic to hens like they do to cage free and regular eggs. cage free means they are not kept in cages and hold tightly but they are freed out.
Some environmental problems with coffee production are the pollution of ground water and deforestation
some societal problems with coffee production are harsh labor, low wage,no benefits,harsh conditions
the label heirloom means that has been passed down, through several generations of a family because of it's valued characteristics.

they are important to food security by Genetic diversity in food crops is vital for global food security. Combined with local expertise, genetic diversity enables communities to meet their needs over varying seasons.
Pros:no chemicals added
Cons:expensive,and it expires faster
hormone free, (i asked the meat guy there and he said all our meet is hormone free,this was at whole foods)
Pros:environmental friendly and healthy
Cons:less meat per cow
grain fed
Pros:more tender and cheap
cons:contains less nutrients
wild caught(bison)
Pros:they arent given steroids
Cons:overharvesting of animals
farm raised
Pros:cheap to produce
cons:difficult to control when raising them
hormones are fed to cattle to make them grow faster and healthier so companies can get meat faster. antibiotic is fed to cattle to promote growth.
organic require more lands to use but they are more environmental friendly, while almond and soy milk produce more than regualr and organic because they use much less land
Almond and soy milk are more healthy because it is rich in vitamins and contains less calories
the marketing is done from companies to appeal customers, organic is more earth friendly because it is more healthy and parents really care about that
this is in a glass container and the adavantages is that it is reusable and it can be microwaved
disadvantages are that its very easy to break
this is from chicago, illinois which is 865 miles away
item found at farmer's market and item found at grocery store
Farmer's market

Differences are that in the farmer's market, they come at cartons, while at publix it uses per lb
IN publix it was 1.99 per lb while at farmers market it was .99 per lb or 25 dollars per carton
whether its edible or non edible, when its organic, its able to be used without being completely used up or destroyed, and its environmental friendly.
grocery store
Farmer's market
grown locally
maret prices are lower
all in one place
strengthens local community
all year round
everywhere and anytime
No preservatives
not as fresh
doesn't help local economy
not at healthy
its only seasonly, not all the time
Cost to drive all the way there
Nitrogen is used by the plant by being the main component in chlorophyll that creates the green color in plants.

the environmental impacts are soil acidification, increased greenhouse gasses
phosphorus is used by the plant by assisting in converting the sun's energy into usable foods for plants.

the environmental impacts are threats to water quality by causing water pollution which causes algae growth
organic are made of raw materials while inorganic are made up of synthetic nutrients.

Organic: pros-make soil have a better nutrient,water holding capacity. cons-too slow
Inorganic: Pros-cheap, release nutrients quickly to the plants. cons-may leech into water
advantages: cheaper, kills a variety of insects
Disadvantages:cause contamination of ground water.
advantages:doesn't kill wanted bugs, targets the specific pest
disadvantages:expensive, promotion of genetic resistance
you can use this in an industrialized-sized garden by planting more of this and create a big garden so pests don't come
"best choices"
Oysters are the best choices because they are well managed and caught in a environmental friendly way.
The price was $6.99
"good Alternatives"
crab is alternative because there is concern about how they are being catched, and also the concern about their habitat.
the price was $7.99 per lb

Tuna is in the avoid because the way they are being caught causes harm to the environment, wastes are also dropped in the ocean
the price was $8.99
The prices do reflect their status because the higher priced they are the higher in demand they are and not envrionmentally friendly, the best choices are cheaper because they are easier to get
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