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Culture and life there.

Maritza Reyes

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of PAKISTAN

PAKISTAN HISTORY The partition of Pakistan and India
along religious lines resulted in the
largest migration in human history. ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN RELIGION 97% muslims
1% chritians
1% hindus
1% other religions EDUCATION Divided into five levels:

Primary : one to five
Middle: six to eight
High: nine and ten
Intermediate: eleven and twelve
University programmes leading to graduate and advanced degrees.

The extended family is the basis of the
social structure and individual identity.
Nepotism is viewed positively The family is more private than in
many other cultures.
Female relatives are protected from
outside influences.
Families are quite large by western standards
WOMEN Gender relations in Pakistan rest on two basic perceptions: that women are subordinate to men, and that a man's honor resides in the actions of the women of his family. GOVERMENT
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