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Kevin Cox

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Geography

A-Z TOPOGRAPHIC MAPS A Topographic map is a map that
has been zoomed in to a certain area
in great detail. The map usually uses
symbols to depict certain things in the
area and it uses colors to show land height,
vegetation and population. Latitude They are Parallel lines that will never touch. The Lines are the older brothers of The lines of Longitude. They run East and West. The longest line is the equator. They are 111 km's apart. Topographic Maps are used daily by
Canadian companies. They are very popular
in the northern regions of Ontario. First the company would obtain a topographic map of their land and study it.
They would then use this data to pick a spot where they can build a building. They can also look at the roads near by for accessibility and nearby populations. Latitude affects Canadians because we are far away from the line of latitude therefore exposing us less to the sun and making our temperature colder than someone close to the equator. Plate Tectonics The Plate Tectonic Theory explains most
geological process about the world. The earths crust
is broken up into 20 plates. Most of the plate are made up of land and ocean. The places move around on molten
lava. The plates are subject to Subduction, Spreading and Translation. Plate Tectonics affect Canadians
by the way they move. We are currently standing
on the North American plate. It moves and is subject
to Subduction, Spreading and Translation. This can cause earthquakes. These earthquakes can affects Canadians by destroying there housing. Scale Scale is the measurement on a map that represent an actual distance on the earth's surface . Scale is used daily by
many things such as Maps, GPSes and Charts. There is three ways to graph scale. There is Verbal Scale ie: 1cm represents 10km. There is Linear scale that uses lines as the main way to calculate scale. Finally there is Ratio scale ie: 1:200000. This effects Canadians because before they had the
now commonly used GPS people used maps to have
a sense of direction. This "scale" at the bottom or the side of the map helped them becuase they could look at the scale and make accurate guess on how many km they had to travel. Phase 1 Phase 2 Import A product or survive that is brought
into another country from another
country . China is a big suppler to Canada.
It exports many things into Canada.
Most products or clothing in found Canada are made in Asian country. Demography Aboriginals The Aboriginals of Canada arrived here
via the Bering Land Bridge From Asia.
This was thought to happen during the ice-age.
The European contract had effected the Aboriginals
in many ways. They had brought over many things that
the natives did not have.such as pots, metal, food and alcohol.

Throughout the years the natives and the Europeans have fought over land, government and most of all rights. Aboriginals effect Canadians because the government have spent lots of money on land fights and people rights. This cost the government lots of money money the could have saved if they just agreed with them in the first place. Demography is the study of people. It focuses
a large amount on human population. They
use the data they get from censuses to calculate
population growth and population change.
They use these to things to predict things that
the government will need to do in the future
and make trends. When the government first stared to take censuses they used this data to create many of the things that we have today. Such as hospitals and settlements. If the government had not used this data property that could have created need in the present day. Baby Boom The Baby Boom happened in the few years fallowing the
war. There was a 4 million population increase because of the veterans returning from the war. At this time most family's were big because they usually needed help on farms or in the house. There was also no "protection" at this time. We had also opened our boarders with little restrictions so there was many immigrants coming in to Canada. This effected Canada in a large way because it
increased the population extremely quickly and
in around 10 years there will be more elderly
people of this time than the amount of able workers to take care of them. Phase 3 Farming and Agricultural Trends Farming and Agricultural has changed drastically since the since the war. We see these trends by using graphs and seeing the export and the amount of produce sold to the public. These trends effect canadians by showing them how they can increase their net worth and add stability to the canadian economy. It also shows larger farms where they could supply to make more money. History in Cars Today cars are a prime transportation method
for most canadians. We have contributed large
amounts of cars to the north american population. Even
though America was one of the first makers of the car
,Canada is the largest maker of cars in north
America. We can use the history of cars to predict trends in the future. Many canadian brands use these trends and data to show flaws in design and popularity trends. Walkerton Water Crisis The Wlkerton water crisis happened in 2000. The local
water system became contaminated with e.coli because of water officials not checking the water system properly.
7 people died and over 2000 people became ill. This effected many canadians because
many people became ill and or passed away. Forestry In Canada Forestry in Canada has mostly consists of Softwood
and hardwood trees. Most forestry in Canada uses the method of clear cutting. Forestry creates jobs and this increases
Canada's economy. This intern effects canadians
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