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A Week in the Woods Andrew Clements

A Week In The Woods

Brian Zahn

on 2 June 2011

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Transcript of A Week in the Woods Andrew Clements

A Week In The Woods Setting This book takes place in modern day Scarsdale, NY. Mark who is the main character lives in a mansion here. Characters Mark: Mark is a child who is used to getting everything he ever wanted.
Mr. Maxwell: Mr.Maxwell is the science teacher at the Mark's school.
Jason: Jason is one of Mark's friends that he has made at his new school.
Anya: Anya takes care of Mark when his parents aren't around. Which is often because they are usually away on business.
Leon: Leon also takes care of Mark and is married to Anya. Problem/Conflict Mark runs away from
camp when he is about
to get into trouble for
something that wasn't his.
He has been practicing his
camping for the past few weeks
getting ready for this trip.
So when he runs away
he is prepared to spend a
night in the woods Main Events Conclusion Mr.Maxwell finds Mark and tells him that he found out that the knife didn't belong to him. Mr.Maxwell broke his ankle when he was looking for Mark. So then Mark helps Mr.Maxwell by giving him energy bars and starting a fire to keep him a warm. Mark also finds a good walking stick that he could use as a cane. Later Mr.Maxwell led Mark back to camp and Mark never got into trouble. Did you like the book? I thought this book was good, but far from the best book i've read. It got a little boring in some parts , but then it would get interesting again. I would recomend this book for lower level readers. By: Brian Zahn Mark is a rich kid that
is used to private schools
and tutors. His parents are
rich and he gets whatever
he wants. When they buy
a mansion in Scarsdale, Ny
he has to go to public school.
In school he has learned all of
the topics before so he tends to
fall asleep in class. His science
teacher thinks he is a spoiled
brat and doesn't like him very much.
So when the whole fifth grade goes
on a field. trip for a week in the woods
and mark is holding his friends multi-tool
that contains a knife
so he gets sent home. Mark decides that he isn't
going. Mark takes off into the woods
with all the supplies he needs to
spend a night in the woods.
Mr. Maxwell finds out that the tool
wasn't his and decides to take off looking for him.
When he finds Mark they both go back to camp
and Mark never gets into trouble and Mr.Maxwell
finds out that he is not such a spoiled brat.
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